“Dear Brooke, now that school is pretty much over, what are some tips on having the best summer ever?”

Every year, I feel like most students try to live up to this unwritten standard of having a jam-packed summer of fun events, parties and trips. Personally, I think the best summer ever means taking advantage of this extended period of time with no homework or exams to do whatever you want. This might mean something as simple as visiting your town’s local ice cream shop or reading a book by the pool. Although, I try to go into my summers with a bucket list of things I want to do with my time off even if it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll get to check them all off. Maybe some of my ideas will inspire you to do the same and make this school break a time to remember!

Locate the Nearest Body of Water

With warmer weather, it’s an absolute must to play in some sort of body of water. For those who have a pool, try to take advantage of this refreshing luxury and swim a few laps every morning. Or, better yet, lay on a gigantic floaty for a good amount of time while listening to some music. If you don’t have a pool, beach days are also the perfect summer day activity. You can set off at sunrise to soak up an entire day of sun or just play in the waves for a few hours. You’re never too old! What one of my favorite water activities has become is river tubing! Since I live in Connecticut, I love getting together with my friends to float down the Farmington River. It’s super serene, fun and a unique experience that I feel not everyone knows about. If you don’t live near the Farmington River, there might be a business similar to this one near you, just do some digging around on the internet!

Find Creative Lessons

Try and use this free time to take classes on hobbies you don’t normally partake in! There are pottery classes all over every state or even a wine and paint night where you can dish in a little money to go home with a beautiful project made by yourself. A cooking class might also be a fun, yet important night to look into since we have to feed ourselves once the Tully is no longer an option as upperclassmen. I would recommend searching around nearby towns for a creative night such as these, because you never know what may come out from it: new friends, unforgettable memories, a budding hobby or just a new story to share.

Take Advantage of the Weather

The best summers are always the ones spent a majority outside. Try and enjoy the warm weather by setting up a bonfire in your backyard or laying out a picnic at a nice scenic area. If you’re an adrenaline seeker, an amusement park might be the place for you too! More than anything, try to use the outside world as your gym. Go hiking, ride your bike around your neighborhood, walk to an ice cream shop or try out jogging! Maybe you can convince your friends to play a basketball scrimmage or hit the tennis courts for an hour as well.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you had a day full of back-to-back activities or laid in bed all day doing nothing except binging a Netflix show. Just try and enjoy these next few months off before you are catapulted into the real world where summer vacations no longer exist, and that will make this summer the best summer ever. I once read that free time cannot be fully processed with the lingering feeling of guilt, so allow yourself this time to relax and breathe. With that being said, leave this semester behind with an open mind and a weightless chest. I wish you a happy, healthy and sunny summer break! 

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