With balloons and party decorations covering the area, the Levee looked like it was hosting a birthday party on the Friday, April 5 when, in actuality, it was Fairfield Alliance’s annual Gender Whatever event.

Hosted by Alliance’s president and vice president, Lexi Thimble ‘20 and Eleanor Sgaramella ‘20 respectively, the show was a celebration of gender identity and expression. A group of three drag queens, called the Debs, performed, and there was a lip-syncing competition for students.

The audience was a mix of Alliance members and other students, but all were equally excited to be there. Many people dressed in bright colors and fun outfits, and some even came dressed in drag.

The three drag queens were Steyonce, Annie Sokae and Lexi Prozac, and each did two solo lipsyncing performances. From their bold outfits and wigs to their crowd-pleasing personalities, their show was an absolute hit.

Iconic outfits included in the performances were Steyonce’s leopard bodysuit with leather accessories, Annie Sokae’s pink vinyl dress and boots, and Lexi Prozac’s blue two piece.

Although there were more than a few technical difficulties like inconsistent volume, that didn’t deter the audience from enjoying an outstanding show. Steyonce even made it into a joke where she acted playfully exasperated every time the audio would cut out or lower in volume.

Songs that were lip-synced to included “Breathin’” by Ariana Grande, “Rude Boy” by Rihanna, “Massive Attack” by Nicki Minaj, “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and other fun party hits.

“I think the queens all picked fun songs that the audience could lipsync to along with them,” Sgaramella said.

Each drag queen had a different style of lip-syncing. Steyonce brought some humor into her performances and Annie Sokae was a bit more subdued, but her choices in songs and dance moves were choreographed extremely well. Lexi Prozac definitely had the crowd most excited. Her performance was filled with energy and death drops.

In between the Debs’ outfit change, Thimble and Sgaramella opened up the lip-syncing competition. Four students performed, and although none of them were professionals, they managed to get the crowd cheering and bopping along to the music.

Of course, with an event like this in a place as popular as the Levee, there will always be those who are disrespectful. At one point, a group of students walked in, and once they saw the drag queens, they loudly made their exit, making crude comments on their way out.

Fortunately, this disturbance didn’t attract too much attention, and the people who remained were all respectful and supportive of the event.

After the second round of performances from the Debs, Thimble and Sgaramella announced the winners of the contest, and the floor was open for free dance.

Overall, Gender Whatever was a major success. The performers, crowd and general vibe at the Levee was outstanding. For all who attended, it was surely a night to remember.

“I think the event turned out really successful.” Sgaramella said. “I loved seeing LGBTQ+ representation be so welcomed and enjoyed by people within and outside of our Alliance members.”


Editor’s Note: Editor-in-Chief Lexi Thimble is also the President of the Fairfield University Alliance.

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