I smile because I bare no pain but I cry internally for those that do.

I laugh endlessly because I lack any burden to prohibit my laughter.

My life is nothing close to weary. If perfection existed, my life would portray

it so closely.

Happiness, who knew that it existed so vastly.

These are the lies I tell myself daily

I lie perpetually.

Lies, lies, that’s all I speak, it motivates me to live

The truth is what bounds me, it’s the lies that set me FREE.

To be enslaved to what is, captivated by what will be, it kills me!

The lies they hold me. They hold me up with such great strength that I too

can soar like an eagle.

The truth would clip my wings.

With these lies, I can fly to great heights.

I want to be free, so I must lie daily.

I want to live, so the truth must evade me.

The truth, my truth, it will be the death of me. But the lies I speak, they’ve

kept me.

I was never a victim, that’s the biggest lie that saved me.

I knew if I acknowledged the truth, depression would have devoured me,


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