Last Saturday marked a successful Dogwood dance.  The theme of the dance for this year was “Fire and Ice,” and FUSA turned Alumni Hall into a vibrant dance party that embodied this theme with decor and lighting.

“Overall Dogwoods was a success and a big part of that was due to FUSA’s determination to move the date as not to conflict with Clam Jam,” said Sophomore Megan Lewis of FUSA (Fairfield University Student Association). “In the past attendance has been low but with the date change we are hoping that … Dogwoods will have the same attendance reputation [as] Prez Ball.”

Many students were hesitant about going to this event, remembering the high price of tickets and the poor timing of years past. However, this time around tickets were only $10, which was a steal of a deal.  Sophomore Allison Radde said, “It was nice to actually go to the dance this time, since it conflicted with a lot of things last year.” FUSA also gave free tickets as a consolation to those who bought tickets for the sophomore cruise that was canceled.

Those selling tickets assured me that the shindig would be much like the infamous President’s Ball in nature and, true to the hype beforehand, it was. Fire and Ice kicked off at 8:00 p.m. but many students arrived fashionably late, around 9.

The gym was well decorated for the event with centerpieces, raised tables and the same DJ company, lights, and DSC_0084scaffolding we saw at Prez Ball. Thank goodness no one tried to climb them this time. FUSA even got an appropriate ice sculpture of flames for the occasion. A good time was had by all. Freshman Steve Yingling said, “It was a fun time and the food they had was a great touch. The DJ was really good also.”

The musical choices for this time around were impressive as well. The DJ coupled new hits with old favorites like the Spice Girls. It felt to me like a ladies’ night out at a bar, which was a blast.

This is not to say that the men folk didn’t have a good time, though. At one point during Soulja Boy, a circle was formed around a select few brave guys showing off their stuff; luckily no eyes were taken out in the confusion of limbs.  Steve Yingling said, “I may not be the dancing type, but the music they played really added to the whole dance.”

Alexander Jasmin was one such brave gentleman who gave quite a show. Not so much into dancing you say? No problem. Wallflowers and those looking to rest their dancing toes enjoyed a buffet of chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese bites, beef empanadas, candy and even a cash bar for those of-age this time around. Props to FUSA on that one.

“A lot of people came out to the event and I thought it was a blast. Everyone I was with had a great time and I am looking forward to going next year.” said Tommy Kenney ‘15.

Perhaps FUSA’s attendance goal will be met much sooner than 2015. Many students hope that many more students attend the dance next year. The food, the music and the crowd were all fabulous.

Sophomores Mariam Boutros and Lindsey Hanley have been working since February putting this together. Boutros said, “I am very happy that our hard work promoting it paid off. I am happy with how it turned out.”

Thanks to both her and Lindsey for a great night. Credit should also be given to all of the security, catering and entertainment staff hired for the occasion as well; the night couldn’t have happened without them.

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