Easter Break, the break that gives us a taste of summer, and gives me a taste of laziness … as in I got no work done over the break. But it was Jesus’ time, of course, so I instead chose to devote my time to Him—and a lot of students agree with me on that. 

Sophomore Mekaylia Ingram went to church and she praised Jesus, “the risen King,” she states. She sang, “The Blood Will Never Lose its Power” for all those in attendance at the Easter Sunday mass. 

Church continued to be a big hit over the Easter weekend … which makes sense seeing that we attend a Jesuit Institution. 

First-years Kevin Camy and Mattew Papizan also attended mass in their respective towns. Papizan recalls how he “took the body of Christ” while there. Camy describes his after mass activities, in which he went to his aunt’s house, roasted s’mores and sang around the fire pit. 

Junior Caroline Morris went to the Easter vigil that her sister dragged her to, and the service ended up being two and a half hours. She then watched the Bruins make history, which she found “more fun.” 

Not everyone’s highlight of their break included Church though, as Claire Demarco ‘25 went to a Yankees game with her whole family. She went to their away game in Baltimore and watched them win, which she states “was amazing.”

Sophomore Ella Panasci won her family Easter egg hunt by “a landslide.” She describes how she was tackled to the grass by her brother, but prevailed and found the golden egg—which held 20 bucks.

The Easter festivities continued as Nelle Kanewske ‘25 went home to Texas and did a relay race with eggs. Something about racing to be the first team to get their eggs back to the start in order to claim a prize of $50 for Amazon. I got lost in the detailed instructions to be honest. 

At the ripe age of 20, Xin Chi ‘25 re-took her drivers license test for the fourth time … and passed. She’s now a *licensed driver* and was legally able to whip over to her friend’s house and catch up with them over break.  

Junior Thomas Drillien watched the Masters with his friends, then went out golfing and tried his own hand at being a golf legend, but sadly didn’t win. He does claim “he had fun” though. He also went to some of his friends’ houses over Easter break and spent time with their families. One of his friends’ families hosted an easter egg hunt, but he was the only one there who didn’t find an easter egg with 10 bucks in it. He feels “aggrieved.”  

Sophomore Nohea Breeden dyed eggs in Boston for her first visit to the city. She also had a lobster roll and cannoli feast. She describes her weekend as very “tranquil.”

Junior Thomas Lane says “his Easter was excellent because he didn’t do anything.”

I’m sure Lane’s wishing for that whole lot of nothing right now as classes attempt to cram two lectures into one class and assign tests and papers due the same day. 

Easter may have seemed like a glimpse into summer, but we still have to finish this year out strong. So keep your head up and try to find that “tranquility” that Breeden found over her Easter weekend as we enter into finals territory.

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