As the sun starts to extend its stay, and warm weather begins to overtake the bitter cold, spring is officially kicking off! Alongside this season of rebirth, growth and albeit insufferable pollen allergies comes the adorable pointy ears of the ever so famous Easter Bunny. Meddling in our homes, this bunny is known for leaving behind treats for those lucky enough to find them, and maybe even a little something extra for those who are kind enough to repay the rabbit with a carrot or two! 

For many, candy is the highlight of the Easter holiday. From the charming Cadbury Creme Eggs to the must-have marshmallow Peeps, Easter has earned a spot high on the list of sugarful holidays. Though, as someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the sweetness of chocolate (crazy, I know), I may have something different to say. Here is an extensive list of the best – and the worst – Easter treats! 

C For Cottontail 

Starting off strong with the sweet treats that impress me the least, I know I am going to have a few unpopular opinions. The dessert lowest on my list is the Chocolate Easter Bunny. A typical fan favorite, for good reason, this adorable-looking sweet treat is the perfect addition to any Easter Basket, supposedly adding a perfect amount of chocolatey crunch to your holiday festivities. Except for the fact that this chocolate cottontail is often hollow, and even so it is typically left unfinished and discarded after a few bites. Now you may deem me as a candy hater, but I just can’t get behind marshmallows either. This means any form of chocolate-covered marshmallow egg, rabbit or chick lands itself on the bottom of my list. The mix of over-sweetened chocolate with the sugary gelatinous of a marshmallow leaves my mouth crying for water. This may be your cup of tea, but it certainly is not mine. This hatred of marshmallows leads me to another item doomed to the end of my list, Peeps. There is just something about those little beady eyes that haunt me every time Easter comes around. Akin to eating a sugar-coated sponge, these chicks leave my taste buds overrun by artificial flavoring and waving a white flag in defeat. While I know some people will disagree with me, just know that in my book, you are wrong if you like any of these candies. 

B For Basket

Continuing up on my list, these are some of the candies that I deem to be just okay. While they are not show-stopping, they definitely earn their spot in any delightful Easter basket. First on my docket is Jelly Beans. Fun and colorful, I can’t deny that these treats are an Easter Classic. While it may be more fun to indulge in the tart or sour options, sometimes the original Jelly Bean can provide just the right amount of holiday joy! Once more, as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, Hershey Kisses find themselves towards the middle of my list. A holiday classic, their lack of Easter theming prevents them from moving any higher. On the other hand, Hershey’s Eggs provide not only a more enjoyable sweet treat experience, but the perfect amount of Easter fun! 

A For Angelic

A motif throughout this piece, at this point, I do not have to say it anymore, but it may surprise you that some of the themed chocolate eggs find themselves at the very top of my list. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Twix Caramel Cookie Eggs and Cadbury Creme Eggs take the cake for the best Easter egg treats. The perfect mix of chocolate egg and peanut butter filling, as well as caramel cookie, leave you devouring the bag in mere minutes. I could not call this a list of the best Easter candies if I did not include Cadbury Mini Eggs. The perfect crunch of Easter joy, these little eggs can be enjoyed by the handful (as I typically can be seen doing) or as the perfect topping to other Easter-inspired baked goods. 

Whether you are not the biggest candy fan like me, or find yourself not getting enough of these Easter Holiday treats, I hope this season brings you baskets filled to the brim with sugary goodness!

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