Fairfield University has many great perks. It’s located right near the Long Island Sound, the downtown is filled with hundreds of amazing restaurants, and there is a Metro-North train that runs directly into New York City. Being near one of the greatest cities in the world can provide students with incredible benefits, such as an abundance of internships and job opportunities. Additionally, the city can supply enriching experiences and new means of entertainment. If you’re looking for a break from campus this April, here are some things you can do in NYC instead!

The first stop on the Stag Bus happens to be the Fairfield train station, conveniently dropping students off on the side of the tracks that run south to New York. After you ride the train for about an hour and a half, you’ll find yourself in the beautiful and historic Grand Central Station. This is a perfect starting point because there are countless subways you can take to get to anywhere in the city. However, if the subways seem too complicated, there are always hundreds of taxis or Ubers around that can whisk you away. Walking works too! So, where should you go now?

New York City is home to some of the best art museums in the world. You may know the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) as the home to the Met Gala, but it is famous for its historically significant artworks. If you would prefer to go downtown instead, the Whitney Museum of American Art is hosting the Whitney Biennial, which happens every two years. This exhibit showcases new, impressive, and provocative art from 71 different artists, all commenting on the most pressing issues within today’s society. “Even Better Than The Real Thing” is available to view until August 11.

If you’re feeling touristy, feel free to brave the enigma that is Times Square. Although this is one of my least favorite places in New York, it’s where all the Broadway theaters are located. Whether you enjoy musicals/plays or not, a Broadway show is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Many notable productions are still running and have been for years, such as “Wicked” or “The Lion King”, but there are plenty of new shows that have recently opened. “The Great Gatsby” is, of course, inspired by the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and has received a lot of buzz because it stars two famous Broadway actors: Jeremy Jordan and Eva Noblezada. Another production making its mark is “Suffs”, a musical about suffragists fighting for women’s right to vote.

Since it’s spring and winter coats are a thing of the past, it would be wrong not to mention the great parks NYC has to offer. Central Park is the length of 51 blocks and contains trails, sights, and plenty of grass in an otherwise urban area. I personally love putting on my headphones and walking aimlessly around to people-watch, noting the dogs running around and the people having picnics. Again, if you’re looking to stay downtown, Washington Square Park is another great area to go as the weather warms. I suggest picking up a slice from Joe’s Pizza on Carmine St and sitting right near the legendary arch. 

Do yourself a favor: Take advantage of our close proximity to New York City before the school year ends and hop on that train! Just make sure to stay safe, be aware of your surroundings, and have an awesome time!

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