I’m broke, you’re broke, we are all broke.

That’s the life of a college student. But, thanks to Facebook’s Fairfield County babysitting group my bank account has climbed just a little bit higher! As an upperclassman, I’m lucky enough to have my car here on campus, so having an off-campus job is pretty easy. I’ve always loved kids; at home, I babysit 24/7 and throughout my four years of high school, I worked at a daycare. I wanted to somehow find a way to use my hands-on experience with kids to also make some grocery, gas and spending money. The Fairfield County babysitting Facebook group made this nothing but easy for me! First things first, you can’t join a Facebook group without a Facebook account so, before anything, make sure you have one set up. Then, search and find a Facebook group, yet an administrator must accept your request to join. Once you’re in, it’s time to craft a post that makes you look kind, approachable, and responsible. Something like this …

“Hi, Families! My name is Abby Winey. I am a senior at Fairfield University with a major in Communications and a minor in Digital Journalism. I have an immense background in childcare and am happy to provide you with some references. I am CPR and First Aid certified, with a car and a clean driving record! Let me lend a helping hand so you can enjoy a worry-free evening out or after school care. I am open to a 10-mile radius around Fairfield, CT! I am looking for a fun loving family to build and grow friendships!” 

I have posted something like this and have found wonderful families to babysit for. Last year, I came back from my first semester abroad and found a family with a five month old baby. I babysat for them the entire semester, Monday through Thursday, from from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Though I don’t babysit for them anymore, I still talk to his mom today! I am always updating her on my life and she sends me pictures with updates on their lives as well. 

I’m not the only one who has found great work and friendship within the Facebook group. 

Senior Lily Leonard absolutely loves the family she babysits for, who she also found through the Fairfield County group.

“It was a great way to get connected with local families in the Fairfield Community,” Leonard said. “The Facebook group allowed parents to post exactly what they needed which makes it much more convenient to be on the same page when connecting. I messaged my family attaching a few things they had asked for, and from then it was a really smooth process. I love the family I was able to connect with and will 100% stay in touch with them post-grad.” 

I know college schedules can get busy and possibly having a job sounds like a large task, but spending money provides some comfort for a night out! Babysitting is such a good option to make some money and also have fun while doing it. Consider joining!

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