Sadly, as far as I have gathered, no one will be dressed up as Lucas the Stag for this year’s Halloween; but rest assured, there will be more than enough fairies seen on campus. 

Sophomore Lauren Trymbulak and her friends chose a Star Wars theme. She will be Baby Yoda one night, as she says her friends told her she is the wisest one in the group—so she just had to be Yoda. As for the next night: fairy. 

Another fairy costume will be seen, as Olivia Beaudoin ‘23 is going to be a fairy one night. She will be Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks for the next, while her friends are going to be Theodore and Alvin, in a cute and creative trio costume. 

The theme of senior students going all out for Halloween continues with Raegan Lafnitzegger, as she and her roommates are each choosing a different type of alcohol to dress up as (no worries, as she assured me they are all 21). She is going as Jäegermeister because “it is delicious.” Unfortunately, she has nothing planned for night two.

Maybe she can be a fairy?

Junior Tug Senesac will be dressed as either Napoleon Dynamite or Wayne Gretzky because “they both are legendary,” and will find his costume on Amazon.

Juniors are getting creative too, as Thomas Drillien ‘24 is going to be a zookeeper, also getting his costume off Amazon, while the rest of his friends are going to be zoo-animals: one a hippo, another a hammerhead shark and the last, a gorilla. He describes how he is going to chase them around the whole night pretending they escaped their enclosures. 

Junior Alexa Boyle will be “following the yellow brick road” this Halloween as the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. Her friends are joining her as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. The other night she is going to be ….a fairy. She states her fairy costume is going to be super cute and she wanted to be a fairy after she bought mushroom earrings and thinks they will work perfectly with her fairy costume.

Sophomore students have some lively costumes as well. Jacen Januseski will be Mr. Knight from Moon Knight. He originally got an $80 costume and was having it shipped from China, but sadly it will not be here on time. Instead, he’s putting together a mock suit to go with the gloves he has.

Sophomore Chris Pozzuto is going to the Halloween costume basics for one night, choosing to be a zombie, getting his outfit entirely from Party City. The next night, he’ll be a crazy Knicks fan with a blue mask, blue knee socks and blue shorts all from Party City as well.

Another fairy costume could be a possibility, as Brynn Murphy’s ‘25 second night costume is up in the air. For her first night, she is going to be a Girl Scout with all her roommates. She says they couldn’t find anything else and they already had their sashes handy (I just hope Girl Scout cookies are included with the costume).

Finally, first-years are bringing their Halloween spirit to Fairfield University. Alexander Regan ‘26 is going as Zach Wilson, the Jets quarterback.

First-years are also going outside of the box with a goofy trio costume. Avery Darke, Cara King and Sofia Anthony are all being Adam Sandler on Saturday.

Overall, Fairfield University will see a wide variety of costumes this Halloween, from your traditional zombie to Baby Yoda!

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