Fall is my absolute favorite season and I’m so happy it’s finally that time again to pull out some of my best fall-weather clothing and accessories! There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling cozy, even when the weather starts to become a little bit brisk. 

Here are some fall fashion must-haves that will keep you looking stylish and warm throughout the next couple of months!

Knit Sweater: 

A knit sweater is a must-have for the fall season! My personal favorites are the oversized ones with a droopy turtleneck. There are also more form-fitting one’s however, that look just as cute but I find not to be as comfy. I like my sweaters loose! I recommend getting a sweater with the colors tan, white or cranberry to match the fall aesthetic.

Duck Boots: 

I don’t know how I would survive without these slip-on, easy-to-wear and cute footwear! Duck boots are great for the fall weather, going almost with any outfit imaginable. Most are waterproof and look adorable when paired with patterned socks.

Cozy Boot Socks: 

These have to be my favorite of the fall fashion accessories! Boot socks rise higher than ankle socks and keep my toes nice and warm during the brisk fall months. They also compliment outfits if you get really into it and color coordinate! There are so many patterns and colors sold, and different levels of insulation and fluff.

Fleece Leggings: 

Not just any leggings, but fleece leggings are a must-have to wear with your knitted sweater or plaid coat! Fleece leggings provided all the more warmth to keep you looking fashionable but warm in the fall weather! They come in all different colors, but I recommend black or grey to make it easier for you to put outfits together. 

Plaid Coat: 

Plaid coats are in this year and you can find them in almost any store or boutique in downtown Fairfield! I think the prettiest ones are the ones with light pink and brown tones, which can be worn over any outfit and keep you warm! It’s easy to throw on as you make your way to class and they can turn an ordinary outfit into a more stylish one.


It may not be time for winter hats or gloves yet, but scarf season is definitely here! Scarfs go great with a sweater and leggings or jeans in the fall, keeping your neck warm and serving as a cute accessory. You have to be careful though because some scarfs can be itchy; make sure to choose a scarf that is comfortable for you!

Well, that’s pretty much all that sums up my favorite fall clothing and accessories, but there’s definitely more out there! This is just a good place to start if you’re in need of some direction. Happy shopping!


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