Fall is my favorite fashion season because there is so much variety in clothing and accessory options during this time. Whenever the seasons change, I tend to go shopping in an attempt to stock up on some must-have items, and a ton of my inspiration for what I decide to purchase comes from seeing items on social media, reading fashion blogs and articles like this one or simply going to the rack and seeing what stands out. The second reason is why I have decided to list some of the items on my fall wish list, because there is a chance that I can share some fashion inspiration and help you stock up on some awesome items.

A camo jacket is the first thing on my list, which I know seems crazy because camo tends to have a negative connotation, but as I just mentioned, sometimes I get these inspirations from the content I consume. On Monday Sept. 24 night, I was watching “Dancing With the Stars” when I saw the most amazing camouflage jacket on one of the dancers. The jacket looked so versatile and trendy and I immediately was dying to find out where she got it. The jacket is hooded and knee length, with the perfect amount of pockets and space. As for where you can get this item, Forever 21 has a number of camo jackets for a reasonable price.

Dior’s denim blue nail polish “Blop” is another accessory that I want to have in my fall collection. The color is the perfect muted, dark color and choosing the right nail polish color is often a major hassle. I would usually never choose a blue color for my nails, but this color screams fall and would match with any color combination or outfit.

Fall is a time for my favorite footwear item: boots! Whether they’re tall, short, high heeled or fuzzy, I love fall because I love getting back into all my boots, and I love buying new ones even more. This year, I have particularly noticed brown high heel booties as the color goes so well with the fall palette. As I looked deeper, one pair of boots stuck out to me the most, the Steve Madden Edril Bootie, sold for $69.99. Anyone who knows me knows I love Steve Madden shoes, and these faux suede boots with an almond toe are perfect.

I also have my eye on the Aerie Oversized Chenille Turtleneck. While I adore all Aerie products, this best-selling oversized sweater looks like the second coziest thing to staying in bed all day. The light blue color is simple and the oversized nature of the sweater means that it will keep you warm and feel like you are still wearing your blanket to class. This item, which sells for $59.95, is definitely a must-have.

The last item on my wishlist I found while perusing in the bookstore. The Pressbox Fairfield University Women’s Slim Fit Crew is a red, 100 percent cotton Fairfield University crewneck sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has a distressed look, which immediately makes it stylish, but aside from that it is really soft and really simple, which I think goes a long way in fashion.

So there you have it, my five fashion wishlist items! My goal for this fall is to go out and try to snag all of these items to make my fall fashion as stylish as possible!


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