A balanced Easter diet is a chocolate egg in one hand and a yellow peep in the other. The purest feeling of joy is ripping through an easter basket full of chocolates, jelly beans and sour candies. Some classic Easter candies are Cadbury eggs, Peeps, Reese’s Eggs, Jelly Beans and the infamous chocolate bunnies. However, there is truly only one candy that reigns supreme on this sugar-filled holiday.

Without further adieu, here is my ranking of the best easter candies … 

#1 Reese’s Eggs 

There is only one thing better than a Reese’s: a Reese’s in the shape of an egg. It’s the perfect shape and size for a one-bite candy. The pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is a classic duo. 

Sophomore Erin Resnick can’t deny her love for Reese’s eggs, saying “They make me feel really yummy inside. I love the texture, the creamy texture. I think it’s the perfect amount of inside and outside chocolate. The eggs take the cake over the Reese’s pumpkin because it’s a great bite, you know what I mean?” Yes Erin, we all know what you mean. 

#2 The Chocolate Bunny 

This is a classic. Being able to bite off the head of the chocolate bunny to see the hollow inside is a nostalgic feeling; “It’s a tradition! My parents get me a chocolate bunny every year. It makes me feel nostalgic as it is a wholesome gesture,” says Katherine Eniquez ‘25. The chocolate bunny is an easter delicacy loved by all ages. This easter treat is deserving of a high rank!

#3 Cadbury Egg

I understand that this might be controversial putting the Cadbury egg in the third place ranking. I personally don’t enjoy this easter treat as much as others may. Feeling happy while eating candy is important and this candy gives so many people joy! Cadbury eggs fly off the shelves at this time of year providing many people with the chocolate fix they crave.

#4 Peeps 

If peeps were a year-round candy, I would never indulge in them. However, they are an iconic Easter marshmallow sweet treat! In a whole calendar year, I only have one box of peeps to help get me into a spring mood. Tip for eating Peeps: let them sit out overnight so they are not soft but crunchy. 

My peep-obsessed brother, high school senior Colm McCarthy raves, “Peeps are some of the best marshmallows out there. The little chickens and bright colors stand out on the shelf at the store and taste amazing.” I also suggest trying a peeps s’more! Peeps are extremely versatile.

#5 Jelly Beans 

Gross, disgusting, foul and nauseating are perfect words to describe the taste of jelly beans. Sophomore Emily Ashcenbrenner states, “I dislike all jelly beans.” Buying a bag of jelly beans is a waste of your hard-earned cash. 

Why are there so many odd flavors? Flavors range from caramel corn, buttered popcorn, chili mango, chocolate pudding and many more abnormal flavors. Candy should not taste like popcorn, ever! Easter bunny, please do not put jelly beans in my basket this year.

I hope your Easter egg hunt is full of your favorite candies!

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