Just because your budget isn’t cute, doesn’t mean you can’t be.

It’s very hard not to splurge and spend all of your money on vintage Levis and Golden Goose shoes. A college budget is definitely not cute and it can be hard to outfit yourself for every occasion. Everyone has different ways of spending their money in college: some save, some spend. This is how I shop on a college kid budget, while still finding ways to dress for every occasion. First, and most importantly, I only spend money on staples, things like jeans and boots, cashmere sweaters, and bags. I wear jeans almost every single day so I spend a lot of money on them. I will spend $200 dollars on white sneakers, but I’m only willing to spend about $30 dollars on something like snakeskin boots.

White sneakers are always staples in my closet; they go along with how I shop for trendy pieces, and it backs up my rule of depreciation. I don’t invest in trends. I shop from inexpensive stores for trendy pieces. Nasty Gal, Pretty Little Thing, Topshop and Shein are good options. Pretty Little Thing offers “shopping by trend” on their site which I love because you can use it to discover new trends. I also love H&M, I have the cutest jeans and my favorite body suit from there. People are always shocked when I tell them that they’re from H&M. The quality is great and because of this H&M goes along with my rule of depreciation.

The rule of depreciation? I know what you’re thinking: “Come on Eleanor, what the heck is that?” Ok hear me out. Take $200 and divide it by 600. That’s about thirty-three cents. So if you buy $200 dollar jeans and wear them 600 times, each time you wear them it costs thirty-three cents. Or, you can go to Forever 21 and buy $200 dollars worth of clothing that’s not going to look the same way after you wash it once. It’s all about how you look at things. That is my rule of depreciation and something I always abide by when shopping.

Lastly, while shopping, I let me heart take the lead. You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it. Right Ari? I make sure everything I purchase, I love. I scour the internet before purchasing anything. I read reviews and look at how things are styled before I make any decisions. Make sure you love it before you buy it, because in my case I will buy things and never wear them and rewear things I absolutely love a million times.


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