Running a fashion magazine, I spend a lot of time online. I’m constantly discovering new influencers and finding trends I love. Instagram is a great platform for sharing your own personal style. The ability to share a photo, tag brands and write a caption is just enough to draw people in without overwhelming them. These are the influencers, companies and people who have had the biggest impacts on my fashion over the years.

Who What Wear gets me everytime. Everytime I try and be productive and check my email I end up on their website. They send me multiple emails a day covering everything from what Kim Kardashian is wearing to what trend will be big next week.

They keep up-to-date on all my favorite celebrities fashion choices and trends, plus they have shopping guides– it’s a great place overall to get outfit inspo. This couldn’t be a better reference for fashion help and I would highly recommend adding yourself to their email list.

My idol, Arielle Charnas has the life I want in 10 years. Founder of a successful brand, mother of two and wife to a handsome real estate agent, her style and life are to die for.

New York socialite, fashion savvy blogger Charnas never lets me down. Her style ranges from street style to classic chic to trendy. She runs a blog called Something Navy, which recently launched as a clothing brand through Nordstrom, and you should probably follow her on Instagram. Bonus: she has two adorable daughters that are both always perfectly dressed.

NYC born and raised Jamie Grimstad has influenced my fashion since before I knew I cared about fashion.

Jamie Grimstad first popped up on my radar when a mutual friend told me to follow her on Instagram. I’ve followed her for five years and her content is always fresh and inspiring. She introduced me to my current favorite brand, Glossier, and has a millennial style that is very up-and-coming in the fashion world. Millennial style is a term I use to describe the look of an on-the-go yet fashionable young person.

Coming in with a whopping 15 Instagram followers, last but not least, my biggest fashion influence…my mom.

She will forever influence my style more than any “influencer” ever could or can. My mother, born and raised on the main line in Pennsylvania, will in my opinion always be the best dressed woman in the room. My mother’s style is somewhere between- mainline preppy meets Nantucket meets classic Audrey. I will never have the eye for style that she has. My mother can make blue jeans look chic and pearls look cool. I still let her pick out my outfits, not kidding. She always picks out the best things when we are shopping. You like that sweater? Thanks, my mom picked it out for me. She is classic and her style is one I’ll always admire.

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