There are plenty of stylish individuals at Fairfield, so instead of hearing from me, I have chosen a Stag that I find to have incredible taste in style to answer some questions about her fashion!


Name: Allison Coffey


Major: English with an Education concentration


Graduation Year: 2019


How did you decide on this outfit today, and how to you generally decide on an outfit?

“Today I was really inspired by the warm weather and the beginning of spring, and I really wanted to feel like spring has come. Today I ditched my winter coat and boots for a light sweater and sneakers and just dressed for the new season. I usually pick an outfit depending on my plans for the day. For example, some days I shoot to the RecPlex, so I will wear an athletic outfit, while other days I mentor kids in Bridgeport schools and opt for something more professional.”


Take us through your outfit, where are all of the pieces from?

“My jeans are from Hollister, because I find that they have the best fit for my body. My shirt is from Garage, my sweater is from Nordstrom, and my shoes are from T.J. Maxx.”


What is your favorite store to shop in?

“Forever 21. If you can get past the usual mess and chaos of the store, they have so many cute and affordable clothes, and I think that the chaos is part of the Forever 21 experience. The only time I don’t like the mess is when I am on a mission to find something specific.”


What is your favorite accessory?

“Sunglasses are the absolute best, and add glam to every look!”


Describe your fashion aesthetic in two words.

“I definitely find that I value comfort most of all, so if I had to describe my aesthetic in two words they would be: comfortably cute.”


What is your favorite season to dress for?

“I love boots, so for footwear I would definitely say winter; but for clothes, I love dressing for spring. I love putting away my heavy winter jacket and getting to dress lighter. I feel that I look the same every day in the winter, whereas in spring there is so much more variety.”


Lastly, do you have a style icon?

“I adore celebrity street style and think that if I could get away with wearing some of the outlandish and crazy looks that celebrities get to wear everyday that I totally would. But, realistically my current style icons are Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato because, as I mentioned I love workout clothes, and their Fabletics line is absolutely to die for!”

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