Aside from the chaos of meeting new friends and adjusting to Fairfield’s campus, the last thing you need is the added stress of learning how to fit in with the latest fashion trends at Fairfield. Whether you have an expansive wardrobe or have been wearing a uniform for the past four years, The Mirror is here to help you graduate your style from high school humdrum to college chic. With that in mind, here are a few things to be sure you have in your wardrobe before move-in day rolls around:


Dress Clothes – Dress clothes are essential for the Fairfield experience; whether it’s for the President’s Ball or a party on the weekend, be sure to pack your favorite semi-formal attire. Ladies, this means bringing a few of your favorite dresses, heels, statement jewelry and clutches. The men of the class of 2019 should pack one or two pairs of dress shoes, a few pairs of dress pants, a handful of ties, one or two blazers and collared shirts in an assortment of colors. But keep in mind that dress clothes do not always equate to business attire so ladies should also be mindful to pack a few blazers, blouses, pencil skirts and trousers for when you need to give a presentation or go on an interview. For the guys of Fairfield, just be sure to also bring a complete suit and pair it with the collared shirts and ties you are already packing.


Rain Gear – There will inevitably be days in your college career when the sun isn’t shining (literally and figuratively). So when it rains, you will want to be prepared. Be sure to pack waterproof and weatherproof jackets for both rain and snow, as well as waterproof shoes – Hunter’s rainboots and L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots are campus favorites among men and women, both of which are priced upwards of $100. However, there are other more cost-effective options. Brands like Kamik offer styles of rainboots that look similar to Hunter’s but are half the cost, starting at $44.99 for women’s styles and $54.99 for men’s styles on .


Workout Clothes – For the days when you want to hit the gym, you will want to have comfortable, breathable and yes, fashionable workout clothes. Fairfield ladies love Lululemon workout gear, but if that’s not in your budget, stores like Target and Forever21 offer some great options at a fraction of the cost. Styles for both men and women start at $8 for Target’s C9 Champion line and $6.90 for Forever21’s Forever21 Active line. Nike running shoes are also a campus favorite among guys and girls — just be sure to get them in a fun color.


For a complete list of packing recommendations for your freshman year, visit the Residence Life section on Fairfield’s website. And don’t forget: the most important things to pack for your freshman year are an open mind and confidence.

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