Staying Snug in Snoods

Despite the mild temperatures of December, we have been greeted on campus this month by frigid 20 degree weather and a foot of snow. While bundling up for the long trek to class in what feels like arctic temperatures may include Michelin man-style coats, clumsy gloves and bulky knit scarves, you don’t have to sacrifice your style at the onset of winter weather.

Women can easily solve this problem with a few simple substitutions. For example, try swapping out your chunky knit scarf for a faux fur snood. When done in an ever-popular faux fur, these relatives of the infinity scarf will keep your neck warm while keeping the cold air out — while of course, keeping you fashionable all season long. Wearing mittens or gloves in the winter can be cumbersome, but luckily you can forgo the handwear without forgoing warmth by wearing arm warmers. These tube-like creations can extend up to your bicep and often come with cutouts for your thumb so you can also cover your palms. This way, you can keep your arms and palms warm while still having your hands free to check your phone on the walk to class.

Guys also have several options to replace traditional winter accessories. Although snoods are also available for men, you should leave the faux-fur styles to the ladies and instead opt for knit snoods in rich colors like cobalt blue, burgundy or olive green. Such colors are pseudo-neutrals, or tones that are slightly more vibrant than the basic neutrals of black, brown, grey and navy, but are subtle enough to be paired with other colors in an outfit; this ensures that the scarves can be paired with multiple looks, even those with several colors and patterns. When traditional gloves prevent you from answering your friend’s text message, try out tech gloves; these gloves either have small slits in the fingertips or special touch pads on the fingers that allow you to text and make calls on your touchscreen devices. Some styles are even done in leather, creating a functional and stylish solution to dressing for the cold weather.

Both guys and girls can avoid bulky outerwear this season with coats lined with Thinsulate, an unobtrusive insulation fabric made of synthetic fibers. While coats with Thinsulate may sound like something you would wear to go camping, J.Crew makes wool coats for both men and women with this thermal insulation, allowing you to look stylish in your favorite brand without compromising warmth.

Dressing for the diving temperatures can be a hassle, but with these simple solutions, you’ll look cool even in the coldest of temperatures.


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