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Olivia DiTomaso

Class of 2017

Double Major in Communication and Digital Journalism


You have a website called LivForStyle — tell me a little bit about it.

I first launched it exclusively on YouTube back in 2013, so I would just create makeup tutorials, fashion videos, how-to’s only on YouTube. That was my channel, and that gained over 13,000

Junior Olivia DiTomaso (above) shows off her fringe vest

Junior Olivia DiTomaso (above) shows off her fringe vest

subscribers in the year, over 600,000 video views. I really did enjoy the video-making process, but then when I got into college and I started to do my journalism classes, I realized how much I liked writing, so that’s when I decided to take my YouTube channel and move it to a blogging platform. So, in January of 2015 over winter break, I taught myself a little HTML coding and launched, and that’s been my main platform since. On my website, I post more articles, lots of style posts, news in the fashion industry and lifestyle posts. It’s more of a mix of things rather than just fashion and beauty.


What trends do you like right now for spring?

Well, in my outfit, I incorporated two of my favorite trends — well, many trends. Fringe is definitely huge; it was huge in the winter, fall and last spring. Fringe is definitely hot again for this season, so that’s why I decided to wear a fringe vest because you can just throw that over a plain shirt and your outfit is transformed from plain to boho. I also love to incorporate pops of color, so my necklace and my ring had different types of colors because after a long, snowy winter you definitely want to have some fun with bright colors for spring. And then also, denim — you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. But this season, don’t just think about a skinny jean, but think about a boyfriend jean or a flare jean or even overalls. And then lastly, for my shoes, the wedge bootie. That is a huge trend for spring because it is a transition shoe for when you’re tired of wearing knee-high boots, the heavy snow boots, but yet, it’s still cold, and you don’t want to expose your feet. So wedge booties can add something to your outfit.


What trends would you recommend for guys?

I am seeing a lot of guys in magazines and on TV shows wearing flannel or plaid shirts. Flannel shirts are awesome for guys because they’re a great layering piece. A guy can easily throw on a graphic T-shirt or a sport T or college T, and they can layer it with a flannel shirt or plaid shirt, a little bit oversized so you do have room to layer.


What are your spring fashion tips for guys and girls?

Just have fun experimenting with different colors and going outside your comfort zone. For girls, you can’t go wrong with florals; try to find ones that have more bright colors and more bold patterns to really make a statement. For guys, I think it’s just to have fun with fashion; you don’t have to stick to the simple Vineyard Vines pullover and khaki pants. Vans and Converse are really cool; they’re really comfortable and they’re classic. It’s all about just finding your personal style and having fun.

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