It can sometimes be difficult to put together a stylish outfit that you’ll feel comfortable in for a day full of classes.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often opened your closet to pick out an outfit, only to stare blankly at your clothes and proclaim that you have “nothing to wear.”

It’s times like these in which I wish I had a personal stylist that could effortlessly put together the perfect outfit for me.

But little did I know that such a person exists, and only a short StagBus or car trip away.

Enter Labria Rhodes, a stylist at Express in the Westfield Mall in Trumbull, Connecticut, whose job is to help customers incorporate popular trends into their outfit while also keeping in mind their personal style.

I recently spoke with Rhodes about this season’s top trends, as well as how to dress for the changing weather so you can have the benefits of a personal stylist’s advice without having to pay for one.

What trends do you see coming into the store in men’s and women’s fashion?

For the women, I know [the] ‘70s is coming back, so bell-bottoms and something like I’m wearing now [a peasant top]. So that’s coming in for the women. Men is more of street style, like the joggers and the jersey knits.

Is there a particular color that seems to be big for fall 2015?

I know olive green is coming out, and the plum color. I don’t think it’s called plum, they keep changing it every year; they had it as burgundy, then maroon, then oxblood, so that type of color.

What accessories for men and women are prevalent for the fall this year?

For women, I know it’s belts. That’s a big thing. And for men, I would say bowties or ties.

That’s exciting! How do men usually wear the ties — more casually or dressed up?

Actually both now. We see a lot of boys here that wear it with their khaki pants and a button-up, and have the tie on.

What particular pieces should men and women have in their wardrobes this season?

For boys, I would say a pull-over sweater. Not with a big old hood, just a regular sweater. And women, right now, I think ankle pants. Those are big. That’s something that they should always have because they can dress it up, they can dress it down, they can use it for interviews, and they can go out with them.

What is the key to dressing for transition weather like the fall?

Accessorizing, because the transition weather thing is hard. It could be cold in the morning, it could be hot in the afternoon so dressing still for the season but accessorizing it. So kind of look like you know what you’re doing.

Is there a particular fall trend that you would want to see go away?

Big sweaters. Just because we get so many, and a lot of people already have it, but they have it in different colors, they have it in different prints and especially in the winter time, in big old Christmas prints. That needs to go, because I know we got one that has faux mo-hair. Just no, that needs to go.

What’s your advice for someone struggling to find their personal style?

Keep experimenting. That’s the big thing. You won’t find out what you really like until you keep going, because the times are always changing. So keep experimenting, wearing different things just to see what fits you because what fits you can only fit you. It can’t just be what other people like, you have to go out and see what you like.

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