Although trends change seasonally and new styles are brought to the forefront of the fashion industry, every year plaid remains a fall staple. Filled with warm reds, browns and even yellows, this traditional pattern is reminiscent of the changing colors of the leaves, which perhaps explains why we oftentimes equate fall with plaid.

What’s great about plaid is its universality — men and women can easily incorporate the print into their wardrobes in similar ways. Take the classic plaid shirt, for example. Guys can dress it down by wearing it open over a T-shirt paired with jeans, but they can take that same shirt and wear it under a light sweater with dress pants for a more dressy-casual look.

Ladies have similar options. They can style their plaid shirt more casually with leggings or jeans while pairing it with a combat or riding boot, or they can dress it up by wearing it under a sweater with a statement necklace fixed under the collar, dark wash jeans and trendy ankle boots.

If you’d rather wear your plaid in small doses, guys and girls alike can opt for a plaid scarf. Adding a pattern such as plaid to a fairly neutral, solid-colored outfit will instantly add a bit of personality to your look, while also injecting your outfit with some seasonal colors.

But, if traditional plaid isn’t your thing, never fear; there are other iterations of the classic pattern that are equally as fashionable for the season. Glen plaid, for example, is a smaller, finer version of the pattern that usually only incorporates two, often tonal, colors as opposed to a traditional plaid’s two or more contrasting colors. Since the pattern reads as a solid, neutral color from far away, glen plaid is a great option for men’s and women’s blazers and coats.

Another great alternative to the traditional plaid is windowpane. This pattern is a much more modern, streamlined version of plaid, featuring a wide, box motif throughout the garment in only two colors. This pattern can be worn in everything from blouses or button-down shirts to trousers or coats. And, depending on its size, this pattern can also appear to be a solid color when viewed from far way.

Now that you know how to incorporate not only traditional plaid but also its more chic alternatives into your fall wardrobe, you have no reason not to try plaid this season.

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