With all these low temperatures, ice and snow, it’s tempting to just wear sweatpants every day. But some recent trends prove that fashion and comfort can coexist, while also being good for your wallet. Consider adding some of these to your wardrobe this semester!

Any Kind of Cargo: 

Cargo pants, cargo jeans, cargo skirts and even cargo sweatpants are becoming popular. Once limited only to dads at a barbecue, this look is both functional and fashionable while breaking barriers, ignoring the age-old question of why women’s clothing can never have pockets. 

Leather Blazer: 

A clean-cut leather blazer complements any plain-color top well while keeping you warm. Versatile and glamorous, it’ll be tempting not to wear this signature piece every day.

Crossover Flare Leggings:

 More flattering than a traditional, straight-across waistline, these bottoms are perfect for the gym and so much more. Based on preference, they can be a softer cotton or a more athletic material that adjusts to the shape of the body.

Black Footwear: 

Black leather boots are the perfect accessory to your winter outfit. Black-heeled boots, Doc Martens and even chunky Mary Jane’s can elevate even the simplest look to the next level and are an easy way to upgrade your winter closet.

Dress Shirts:

 Button-downs aren’t just for the office. Experimentation with colors and fits can help to make it your own. Dress shirts may be loose or more fitted, flannel or plaid. You can even opt for a sheer fabric for an edgier look.

Thick Headbands:

 These hair accessories help to keep your hair in place while tying it together and complement your outfit overall. Matching a headband to another part of your outfit can really elevate your appearance while maintaining a carefully curated vibe. 

Graphic Tees: 

Show off your personality with a band t-shirt or a top with a message close to your heart. Easily paired with an overcoat and a classic pair of your favorite jeans, this look has the best of both worlds: keeping it casual while assuring that other people envy your style.

Pastel Sweaters: 

Winter is definitely a time for darker colors, but some lighter hues showcased during the warmer months still have their place. Warm and bright, a cornflower blue or lavender sweater can be enhanced by simple jewelry or worn on its own.

Oversized Jeans: 

While admittedly there’s nothing like a perfect fit, a looser pair of jeans is a great way to add some uniqueness to your outfit. An ideal pair is almost as comfortable as sweatpants and pairs well with any top of your choice.


It may be hard to pull off as the weather gets colder, but a pair of thermal tights usually does the trick. Add some chunky boots and statement jewelry, and you’ll have an unforgettable outfit.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! Finding your way in the world of fashion has always been a process of trial and error. Find new things that you like, and enjoy your winter!

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