1: “Golden”

This song is the perfect vibe to go into a first date with, so it only makes sense to pair it with a first date food. For me, I think that the ideal food for a first date is sushi because it is quick, easy to eat and not messy. Of course, the most important part of a first date is confidence! 

2: “Watermelon Sugar”

You are at a summer barbeque and this song comes on, and the moment is perfect. It is hot, you are getting sunburned but you are still having a great time. Enjoy this song with a burger, a Coke and of course a slice of cold watermelon. 

3: “Adore You”

“I’d walk through fire for you…” All of the fire references in this song really made me think about what food to pair with it. I think the most logical thing to say is that this is the perfect song for s’mores. Cozy up with your loved one by a fire and enjoy a treat!  

4: “Lights Up”

This song feels like something I would play quietly in the back of a book club or a dinner with my friends. It gives off a chill, homey vibe, and it makes me think of a quiet evening. Pair this song with snack foods, like chips and guac, and conversation with your besties! 

5: “Cherry”

I know what you want from me with this one, dear readers. Something cherry-flavored, of course, but let’s try to think outside the box here. This song is mellow and calming, at least to me, and of course, there is a very French vibe to it. I would pair this song with a café au lait and a chocolate croissant, while walking around an art gallery. 

6: “Falling”

If this song isn’t the song to cry and eat dark chocolate to, then I don’t know what is! Curl up in your bed, have a good cry and eat some dark chocolate treats, or milk chocolate, if that’s more your speed. I promise you will feel infinitely better after!

7: “To Be So Lonely”

You want something a bit tangy and sweet to sit with while you listen to this song. Picture sitting in a nice lawn chair, a strong gin and tonic in your hand and a slice of sweet lemon meringue pie by your feet. Absolutely lovely! 

8: “She”

This is a classy song. Think late at night, you’re lounging in a settee, dressed in a velvet dress. What are we eating you ask? Well, that’s quite simple. We’re munching on a charcuterie board while our steaks crisp up nicely under the broiler. 

9: “Sunflower, Vol. 6”

This song is fresh and fun. Think of a kitchen table in the morning, with this song playing on the radio. You’re sitting with a steaming cup of black coffee, eating a yogurt parfait with honey spiraled on top. It’s a Sunday because of course, it’s a Sunday. 

10: “Canyon Moon”

Obviously you need a picnic when listening to this little number in the back of a pickup truck or curled up in a blanket. We’re drinking some Corona’s with limes, or maybe even a light rosé, while munching on some chips. Maybe we even have a fruit platter? It’s all up to us!

11: “Treat People with Kindness”

This is absolutely a dessert song. Maybe we can have some ice cream sundaes with bananas? But, if you’re not an ice cream person, then I always think that Oreos are a good substitute. Or maybe even a cute little brownie with a cup of tea on a Thursday afternoon… because of course, it’s a Thursday. 

12: “Fine Line”

This is an iced coffee or a cup of tea on a rainy Wednesday evening kind of song. You’re sitting down while a grilled cheese is toasting up just right, and some soup is cooking on the stove. Your foot sways along to the music as you finish the English essay that’s been hanging over your head all day. Though it’s only Wednesday, you’re done with all your homework for the week and thus can spend the rest of your time catching up with friends or reading. This is true happiness. 

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