Sometimes, people lead more exciting lives then you could imagine. First-year Bailey Plew is a psychology major at Fairfield University who comes from Syracuse, N.Y. She also has an exciting off campus job where she works as a model through an agency called Social New York, located out of Manhattan. For the first time, Plew walked in New York Fashion Week during the week of Feb. 11. I sat down with her to get her perspective on being a part of one of the biggest fashion events of the year just before the show.  

S:When did you start modeling and why?

B: I started modeling sophomore year of high school. I was always kind of thinking of it, and people from agencies used to stop me on the street, so I decided to try it.  

S: How did you find an agency?

B: I started with a development agency which preps you to work with a bigger agency in Syracuse. Then, an agency reached out over instagram. I found out that modeling is not just about looks but also about personality. Agencies won’t sign you if you are difficult to work with.

S: What was the first show you ever walked in?

B: Local shows mostly and then the first big show I walked in was for a brand called Raw Artist.

S: How did you begin the Fashion Week process?

B: I went and worked with a modeling coach through my agency, who then gave me reference to a casting for Fashion Week.

S: How do you find out what show you are going to walk in?

B:  Through the casting I went to, I got the job with one designer, but after fittings a week before the shows I could get signed to others at that fitting.

S: What’s been the hardest part of the process?

B:The standards in the industry for sure, I had to be measured anytime I went to meet with the agency, doing things like having to track what I eat and how much I work out.

S: How are you feeling about the experience?

B:A mixture of a ton of emotions, nervous and excited!

S: Who’s your inspiration for modeling?

B: Kaia Gerber and Taylor Hill

S: What show would you love to walk in?

B: Marc Jacobs or any of the classic artists like Chanel.

S: Any final thoughts?

B: I want people to know that modelling isn’t just something that is superficial. It’s all about working hard and making the designer’s vision come to life!

Plew has since walked in the show and I reached out to her to find out how the show went and what other shows she walked in after our interview. She was also asked to walk for Ivette Alaniz and Yan’s Creation by Yani Bakhiar. Bailey said that the experience was “so much fun and super crazy.” She had an amazing time and hopes to walk again next year!

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