Astrology has become more and more popular through social media over the past few years, and I will admit, I’ve been getting increasingly invested in it. Whether it be horoscopes on Twitter or fun astrology posts on Instagram, I scroll through each post for hours. I know my exact birth time and calculated my birth chart, which means I know my sun, moon and rising sign. More recently, though, spirituality has been “trending” on social media as well, especially on Tik Tok, where users post tarot card readings or crystal recommendations to buy based on their zodiac. Quarantine pushed me to start my tarot and crystal collection, and since I’ve been using them more and more, I thought I would do a Stags tarotscope (tarot horoscope) reading and give us some guidance for this week!

Message for the collective: The Moon

We all might be feeling a little anxious or stressed right now, as everything may seem uncertain. This tells us to listen to our gut and intuition but to be wary about making quick and big decisions. Try to be more in tune with yourself this week to quiet your fears and navigate through this current confusion.

Themes for the signs this week:

Aries: Four of Swords in Reverse 

On the same note as the collective message, prioritize taking a break and resting this week! Focus on your wellbeing so that you can recharge in whatever way works best for you. 

Taurus: Three of Pentacles in Reverse

You might be experiencing disharmony in a group, whether it be family, friends or a group for a class project. Strive to come to agreements with group members so that you can all understand and work with each other and plan out your next steps.

Gemini: Ace of Cups

Love is overflowing from you this week! Now is the time to be open to new creative endeavors or connections if you are not already involved in one. Share this radiance and happiness by helping others. Embrace this energy and seize new opportunities!

Cancer: Six of Wands

You may have just reached a significant milestone/goal or will be reaching one this week. You are putting a chaotic or stressful situation behind you and are receiving well-deserved recognition for your success. Be proud of yourself for this and how much you are accomplishing and growing, and keep going!

Leo: Four of Pentacles

If you tend never to spend your money or make investments, take some time to reevaluate this. It might be better to be overprotective of your savings than carelessly spending them all, but not spending any money can cut a part of happiness and fun out of life. Focus more on what matters most in life rather than placing all of your energy and fears on your finances this week. 

Virgo: Queen of Swords

This week, you’re in your element with a clear and driven state of mind. Your communication is direct, and you’re feeling very confident in your boundaries and self-expression amid this stressful time!

Libra: Two of Cups in Reverse

Focus on loving yourself this week! Believe that you are deserving and worthy of happiness, and it will come to you. When you learn to love yourself, you will be able to show others more love. You may be experiencing a breakup or falling out due to a lack of communication or trust, or you might not be on the same page as each other. Hang in there!

Scorpio: Page of Cups in Reverse

Don’t doubt your creative projects or plans! Share them with others and put it out there rather than continuing to worry that they are lacking or will fail. You also may be having a creative block. Tune more into your intuition!

Sagittarius: Ten of Swords in Reverse

The difficult period that you’ve been going through is finally coming to an end. Although it might take some time to heal or move on, you are hopeful for the future and better things to come.

Capricorn: Nine of Pentacles in Reverse

Release doubts of attracting the right people, things and more money into your life. Know and believe in your worth and practice some self-love. If you’re overworking yourself, make sure to take a break and recharge.

Aquarius: Five of Cups in Reverse

You may be feeling disappointed or experiencing a setback and fear that you will look like a failure to others if they know about this. This card says that you’ll feel much better opening up about your feelings with someone close to you. Forgive yourself and move on as a lesson learned, and you will bounce back. 

Pisces: Temperance

Even though life is stressful right now, you’re learning to remain calm and keep balance flowing from day to day. You are starting to see a clear vision of what you want to do down the line, and you are carefully taking your time to achieve this. You’re comfortable where you are right now and are loving what you’re doing! 

I hope these readings resonated with you. If you’re stressed over midterms or just have a lot of work in general, hang in there and have a great week, Stags!


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