Fun. is an American indie pop band that has been getting much attention lately with the release of their second album “Some Nights.” The band began in 2009 with their first album “Aim and Ignite.”

The band has traveled with many different groups such as Jack’s Mannequin, Paramore and Relient K before their UK tour in early 2010.

Fun. is known for their hit song “We Are Young,” which has been performed by the cast of “Glee.” It is also known as the “Stunt Anthem” for Chevy’s commercial for their new car, the Sonic, which features the band OK Go as well as skateboarder and TV personality Rob Dyrdek.

The band has an interesting sound, which allows it to be very distinctive among other music groups. The band consists of three members, and the instruments vary from the typical to the unusual. Along with the classic guitar, drums and bass, the band also incorporates instruments like the flugelhorn and the glockenspiel.

Who would’ve known that adding in German folk instruments would create a unique sound that could still be enjoyable to listen to?

The lead vocalist, Arizona-born Nate Ruess, has one of the most interesting voices heard in a while. With a vocal range more dynamic than popular artists like Ke$ha, Ruess invites listeners to enter a world filled with great instruments, wonderful lyrics and breathtaking harmonies.

Each song has a different sound, giving the album much diversity, allowing the album to not sound like one continuous song, which many bands seem to mistakenly do.

The songs on the album linger with a sound similar to Queen, as well as Foster the People, another band that has just recently became popular within the last year.

As it is part of the indie pop genre -a genre that attempts to stay far away from becoming mainstream- it may be difficult for Fun. to get a great deal of attention from the public and avid music listeners. For now, the band continues to rise in fame.

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