Fashion, by nature, is an ever-changing cycle of styles that allows our world to remain creative and imaginative. Though general fashion trends tend to follow a bidecade pendulum, meaning looks become revamped and restyled about every 20 years, there is always the question of how this will be done and what new styles will be brought to the table. 

After extensive research into what was popular in 2021 and which of these fads will die out or improve upon themselves, I have curated a list of five of the trends that I predict we will see at some point in the new year. Though this can be a difficult task, as each segment of the market must be considered, these pieces are likely to come back in some form, worn by at least one category of fashion admirers and connoisseurs. 2022 is upon us, and like many others, I have just completed a major closet cleanout, meaning now is the time more than ever to find new pieces to spend my money on! (Sincerest apologies, bank account.)

  1. Neutral tones 

This trend first emerged in 2021 through the widespread use of sage green and chocolate brown, two tones that elicit feelings of nostalgia and safety. During a time in which people are indoors more than ever before, natural colors and textures become exponentially more intrinsic to living a balanced life. Though these colors are certainly not new to the fashion industry, they will likely start to become increasingly popular, especially in athleisure garments such as yoga pants. Neutrals, though loved by many, are often widely overlooked: with the chaos that life during a pandemic has flung upon our world, finding small ways to make life seem calmer and more approachable is incredibly necessary.

  1. Blanket scarves

Again, these are certainly not new to the world of fashion: just about everyone has owned at least one scarf in their lifetime, especially those living in colder climates (New England college alert!). However, the blanket scarf serves as the artful intersection between practicality and trendiness. The lively patterns, textures and color schemes that these scarves are so often created with add a bit of spice to the drabness of winter, all while serving a very real purpose. I mean honestly, who would be opposed to the idea of wearing their favorite blanket out in public, all while making a very valid fashion statement?

  1. Anything Western 

We have certainly seen the revival of this trend through flannel prints, decorative cowboy hats and cowboy boots, but I predict this trend to hit its peak in the new year. Western-style garments, including all the patterned leather and fringe you could possibly imagine, are entirely necessary to a truly unique outfit. Who cares if you have never stepped foot outside of the Northeast? The rich textures and quality materials used to construct these Western-esque pieces, ranging from jackets to pants to skirts, are the only concern when deciding what to purchase! Grab your trusty steed and add some Western influence to your closet, no matter how full it already is!

  1. Pearls

This fourth trend is certainly a bit of a throwback. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this gem has gone out of style over the years, but its popularity crests and troughs with each generation. They make any outfit feel a bit more elegant, and can be adorned with almost any article of clothing. What is this mysterious gem, you may ask? The pearl, worn for generations by your older relatives, and now, potentially, you! I truly can not count the number of pearl necklaces and bracelets I have, as they have been a staple in my life in different forms for years. Pearls are the perfect accent to any garment or even any set of existing jewelry. They have a way of adding maturity and sophistication to virtually any look, even when paired with an otherwise casual outfit. No matter what you decide to wear them with, pearls will find a way to make you stand out. The time for the pearl revival has just begun with the start of the new year! Let’s make 2022 the year of the pearl!

  1. Platform Shoes

One final trend that I can not keep out of my mind is less a garment or piece of jewelry, but rather a look that helps all of these pieces come together in a beautiful, organized and fulfilling way. Accentuating your existing silhouette, or altering it slightly to achieve the desired look, is far from a new, ingenious idea. This feat has been achieved for years using various forms of shapewear that alter the body, but only now is this shifting of the silhouette being achieved through individual accessories. Platform shoes allow the body to appear leaner, while smaller tops and larger pants help to accentuate the waist and make legs appear longer…the list truly goes on. Though this is a concept that is not easily achieved without practice and careful attention to detail, it is one surefire way to increase one’s style and confidence exponentially.

Though a new year signals the beginning of many things, arguably one of the most exciting is the beginning of a new year of trends. Obviously, these trends do not necessarily need to be strictly abided by, but they serve merely as an exciting way of thinking about what the future holds and what the fashion industry might have in store for this year. The most important rule of fashion is to have fun and wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, so if that means rocking a look some may consider “outdated”, go for it! Do not let the world stop you from expressing yourself, even if it means standing out from the crowd. That being said, enjoy this look into what is to come for 2022, and use it as a guide for making more conscious and economical purchasing decisions. Trust me, your closet will thank me!


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