As I’m sure any of you TikTok users have heard by now, our favorite social media platform is on the chopping block. The U.S. Congress is currently in the process of placing a ban on TikTok and people are not having it. While I will be the first to admit that I definitely could use a break from TikTok, there are so many aspects of the app that I would miss. From dances to celebrity news, here is what I would miss the most from TikTok if it were banned: 

  1. Dances 

As a dancer myself, my For You Page is always filled with people moving and grooving. And I’m not just talking about the current dance trends (the Renegade is NOT real dancing), but actual talented dancers whose movements fascinate me. I have so many incredible dance videos saved to my favorites on TikTok just to watch over and over again in awe. My favorite TikTok dancers for the past couple of months have been Andrea Posner and Caleb Green. This is an iconic dancing duo that I would definitely miss if TikTok were no longer on my phone. 

  1. Hauls and Reviews

I’m a sucker for a good product review or shopping haul video. This is where I get a lot of my fashion tips, tricks and inspiration. Not only do I find these super entertaining, but they often lead me to find quality products and items online. I especially love the Amazon must-have videos. As a college student, finding quality clothing for cheap is essential. A lot of my favorite Amazon products and clothing items have come into my collection after seeing them on TikTok. If TikTok were banned, who is going to let me know of the latest Amazon deals?!?

  1. TikTok Celebrities

And no, I don’t mean Addison Rae and the D’Amelio sisters. I’m talking about TikTokers whose content actually makes me laugh and smile, like Chris Olsen and Meghan Trainor. This iconic TikTok friendship is one for the books. Chris and Meghan are a friendship that we needed but didn’t deserve. Between Chris’s humor and eccentric personality, Meghan’s girl-boss attitude and her adorable son Riley, their content always puts a smile on my face. Without my daily updates on Meghan and Chris’ lives, I don’t know what I’d do. 

  1. Travel Vlogs

As someone who is always itching to travel but isn’t financially capable yet (college students, who’s with me?) I find myself living through others’ TikTok travel vlogs. Whether it’s a month in Italy or a day trip to New York City, I can’t get enough of seeing all of the cool things that people do while traveling. People also offer a lot of amazing tips on how to travel for cheap, and since I am studying abroad next spring you better believe that I save each and every one of these TikToks for future reference. I also see a lot of day trip vlogs to places like New York City, Boston and Maine. As a Massachusetts resident, these are some of my favorite places to visit for a fun trip with my friends and I am always looking for new adventures to take on. I owe it to TikTok for giving me the ins and outs of every place before I visit it myself. 

  1. Comedy

If nothing else, TikTok is always good for a solid laugh. Easily my favorite thing about TikTok is the amusement that it provides me within seconds. From funny trending sounds to comedians and stand-up comedy, at least three scrolls on my for you page guarantees a laugh. Not to mention the countless TikToks my friends will send to me that have us laughing for hours. So many funny TikTok sounds have become inside jokes for my friends and I and I would definitely miss TikTok’s universally known humor if it were banned. 

  1. TikTok Drafts

Above all else, my own saved TikTok drafts probably take the cake of what I would miss the most. My TikTok drafts are full of silly videos of my friends and me doing different dances, challenges and trends. I have countless saved TikTok drafts of failed dances that my sister and I have tried that are always so funny to look back on. My college friends and I always make TikToks to trending sounds, but these will never leave the drafts because no one would find them as funny as we do. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that my TikTok drafts are something that I would pay money to retrieve if they were lost. 

Who knows what’s in store for the fate of TikTok, but until we find out I’m sure to be scrolling my way through the app while I still can! 

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