Now, more than ever, is the time to extend a helping hand to our friends in need. Due to the ongoing nightmare of COVID-19, millions of people have been and continue to be negatively impacted. Whether this means unemployment, mental or physical health issues, a donation to any nonprofit organization provides more guidance than people realize. 

Located right in Fairfield, Conn., the “Save the Children Federation” targets minors’ well-being all around the world. While their usual focus surrounds hunger, education, protection, and other aids, their focal point has shifted to coronavirus relief. Every donation goes towards food banks, disaster aid, disaster preparedness, and relief services surrounding children affected by the pandemic. 

Hunger Fight” is another nonprofit bringing assistance to people affected by COVID. Tackling both starvation and illiteracy issues, children and senior citizens are provided with healthy meals and a book to read. Over nine million meals have been packaged and distributed throughout the North East and Central Florida, which is incredible. Yet, this is still only 2.7 percent of the United States population. Therefore, a donation of any amount will go a long way in helping US citizens. 

Anyone and everyone in the healthcare field has been working nonstop this past year. Taking care of patients, putting themselves at risk, and creating a vaccine are all constant bullet points on their daily checklist. On the John Hopkins Medicine page, you can donate to four different parts of the organization, including ways other than currency. 

In ‘Lend your time,’ Hopkins asks anyone with sewing capabilities to use their talent and make as many cloth masks as they can. These finished products can be dropped off or mailed to the outpatient location written on their website provided below. ‘Feed our Staff’ is one way you can contribute to feeding the employees working overtime. While the staff takes care of the patients, someone needs to take care of the workers. The ‘Donate supplies’ option provides a list of tools requested, including vials, swabs, masks, gowns and hoods needed. Lastly, in their ‘Connect us to manufacturers,’ Hopkins is searching for people who know of a potential source of products needed. 

  If you don’t have any money to spare at this time, that is more than understandable. However, there are still ways that you can help people affected by the coronavirus. If you have previously tested positive this year and have been recovered for over two weeks, you can surprisingly donate some of your plasma to patients who currently have the virus! 

This is because within this liquid part of your blood, it contains antibodies used to help fight off COVID. Additionally, if you haven’t had the virus and are still looking for ways to help, you can donate blood. This can save up to three lives! Due to the unforeseen challenges of a COVID patient, blood banks have been in a supply shortage for quite a while. A quick Google search will help you find sites nearest to you that perform either of these methods.

To further your research on the previous heart-warming communities, the following websites and social media tags are strong references to browse. No matter how small or large your donation is, I urge you to take part in one of the most essential seasons of giving. or @savethechildren on Facebook. or @hungerfight2012 on Facebook.

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