For everyday people, summer starts on June 21. For us college students, summer starts moments after their last final exam. Since we are blessed with a longer-than-average summer, we will likely be spending more time out in the sun, which has its pros and cons. Here are three summer nutrition tips to stay hydrated, eat healthy and make the most out of your well-deserved summer:

  1. Buy from local farm stands

This is extremely important as human activity continues to have devastating effects on our environment. Since many of us buy more fruits and vegetables in the summer, please consider buying from a local farm stand. The produce will be more fresh, you’re supporting your community and buying local greatly reduces food miles. Two of my favorite picks from the farm stand are strawberries and blueberries; these two types of berries are summer staples and both have high amounts of vitamin C and potassium!

  1. Stay hydrated

I can’t stress this one enough. Water is not only the key to hydrated, healthy skin during the hottest time of year, it is also the key to not becoming dehydrated while you’re out and about in the sun. The recommended amount of water to drink per day is 64 oz, but remember that more is better, especially in the summertime. A good way to remember to drink water is to download an app where you can track how many glasses of water you drink. Plus, you could always eat your water! Foods such as cucumbers, cantaloupes and watermelons have a high water content. Note: don’t drink pool water.

  1. Feed your skin

In my beauty food article, I listed five beauty foods that you can keep right in your dorm to keep skin looking young and healthy: almonds, avocado, bananas, oats and pumpkin seeds. Smoothies are an ultimate summer drink, and nearly all of these foods can be blended into a delicious smoothie! Play around with different fruits, but try a berry smoothie with banana, oats and almond milk. BAM, you have skincare in a nutritious and filling drink. Also, feeding your skin is one thing, but make sure to protect your skin as well by using sunscreen when you’re out having fun in the sun!

  1. Love and Take Care of Your Body

The pressure to have a “great body” is amplified during the summertime when the sleeves get shorter and it’s near impossible to curl up in an oversized sweater. But, please don’t forget that your body needs its nutrients, especially while you’re out in the hot summer sun all day long. It is important to bring a bag full of snacks and drinks on your beach days, because running around on the beach in 90 degree weather without food or drinks can result in dehydration and even heatstroke. Remember that your health is much more important than maintaining your swimsuit body, especially in the heat!

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