It’s finally time to wake up from the long and dreadful winter and defrost our positive mindsets! This spring, get ahead of schedule and make sure you make time for you! Allow yourself to create a routine of healthy habits that will last you all the way until next spring!

Get Outside!

After a long and cold winter, the first thing people want to do is get outside! One of the first ways to implement a healthy habit for spring is to go for a daily walk outside. A lot of people aim for 10,000 steps which is a very attainable goal, especially for college students! 

Walking around on campus all day to your classes and to meals will definitely help get you to your 10,000 steps. Walking is also a great way to socialize! Invite your friends and go for a “hot girl walk” around campus or the town of Fairfield. 


One of the most important healthy habits that you should have all year round is sleep! Anywhere from 8-10 hours a night is the goal for sleep. Sleep is so important for your everyday tasks. It helps you focus in class and helps you have more energy during the day! Plus who doesn’t love to lay down in their cozy bed after a long day!

Stay Organized! 

College life tends to be busy and there are ways to avoid stress and chaos within your everyday schedule. Something that I personally love to do is plan out my days. I plan out every aspect of my day by the hour. To some people, this may seem over the top but it honestly helps me stay on top of my work and gives my life routine, which is so important to have in your life.


Along with the stress of being in college and having finals coming up in a few short weeks, life can be stressful on its own. One technique that a lot of people recommend to others who are dealing with lots of stress is to take a few minutes to meditate. 

Meditating can be done anywhere at any time. Some people use guided meditations through certain apps or on YouTube or some people take this time to just relax and focus on their breathing. The good thing about meditation is that it is free and accessible to anyone! It just takes practice but it can be a very useful habit to reduce stress in your life! 

Limit Your Screen Time! 

Everyone has probably been told at least once that they need to limit screen time and that they should be on their phone less. While this is very annoying it is very true. Being on our computers all day for our classes and our homework is so draining for our eyes and our attention span. On top of that we are constantly on our phones consuming media that is even closer to our eyes. No wonder people want to ban TikTok.

In all seriousness though limiting screen time can be a very beneficial thing to your mental and physical health. Being on social media for hours a day can be harmful to our self-image if we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Being on our phones also limits our physical activity which can in the long run affect both our mental and physical health. Even if it is just no screen time before bed, every little step will help improve your day-to-day life.

Of course, there are a million healthy habits that you can incorporate in your life for this spring season but these are my personal faves and I try to live by all of these. The spring is a time for happiness, being outdoors, and enjoying life with your friends and family. It is so important that we take care of ourselves so we can enjoy the company of others! Stay healthy and have fun this spring!

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