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This week’s “Heard It Through The GrapeVINE” spotlight is Alyssa Hogan ‘19, a psychology major from Manhasset, New York. A second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Hogan is also a member of Fairfield’s Martial Arts Club, where she competes in Tang Soo Do, and is a member of the Boxing Club, where she practices Jiu Jitsu.

“Music helps me keep a positive mindset,” said Hogan. “When I’m stressed out or need to calm down, I listen to music because it’s a fast solution to my problem. It only takes five seconds to plug in your headphones and turn on your favorite song and the effects are instantaneous.”


“Underdog” by Imagine Dragons – The song talks about how singer, Dan Reynolds likes being considered the underdog in any situation because it makes him work harder toward a successful path in life.

“Cousins” by Vampire Weekend – The singer, Ezra Koenig discusses his and other people’s long line of relatives, which I can relate to my cousins, their cousins and their cousins and how we are one huge, crazy family.

“Hide Away” by Daya – More songs like this one should be played to increase self-confidence in young girls and to encourage them to find a guy that will treat them right and not to settle for anything less.

“Fireproof” by One Direction – The song shows that true love is not always about being physically with someone, but instead is about the love and passion that two people share for one another.“We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel – Billy Joel creatively lists allusions to worldwide events that have happened throughout the decades in such a catchy way that his song often gets stuck in my head for days.

“Ashes of Eden” by Breaking Benjamin – The song alludes to the Garden of Eden to show how one person can impact someone so much and inspire them to better themselves.

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem – Eminem displays so much emotion and strength throughout the song and the words that he uses make him seem like he is entering a fighting match. I listen to the song before any tournament so that I can get rid of any nerves and stay in a calm and confident mindset.


Check out Hogan’s playlist on The Mirror’s Spotify.


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