This week’s “Heard it through the GrapeVINE” is Professor Colin Halloran, a professor in the English department. Halloran wears other hats besides that of teacher; he is also veteran of the war in Afghanistan and renowned poet with a love for art. We’re grateful for this opportunity to learn a little more about this professor and his musical tastes at the moment.

“I was going through my morning routine of commuting and listening to music all through my commute, so I picked songs that are a little upbeat, not necessarily in their lyrics but definitely in their music,” said Halloran. “I picked songs with a fast pace and a driving beat that get me amped up for my day, and by the time I get to Fairfield, I’m ready to go.”


  1. “You! Me! Dancing!” by Los Campesinos!
  2. “World Tour” (featuring Jazmine Sullivan) by Wale
  3. “Cute Without the ‘E’” (Cut from the Team) by Taking Back Sunday
  4. “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves
  5. “Punching in a Dream” by The Naked and Famous
  6. “Consolation Prizes” by Phoenix
  7. “I Made It” (featuring Priscilla Renea) by Donnis

Check out Halloran’s playlist on The Mirror’s Spotify.

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