Spring has officially sprung, meaning the holiday that contains the best candy and treats is around the corner. Easter brings many fun activities for families that I always look forward to! Traditions are the foundation of any holiday, and Easter has some incredible ones.  

My first favorite tradition is receiving an Easter basket. A simple cute easter basket always brightens my mood. The Easter Bunny also provides the best surprises! I love adding to my stash of spring candies. Receiving a basket with eggs and goodies from the bunny has to be one of the best moments of Easter. Easter is not the same without my basket from the Bunny.  Anna Volkman ‘24 shares her love of Easter baskets; “I love still getting easter baskets even if it’s just a few Reese’s eggs”.  

Although I find it quite odd that we boil eggs and then paint them, it is a classic activity to do during the springtime. Today, many funky gadgets make painting your eggs a whole new experience. At Target, there is a machine called The EggMazing Egg Spinner Decorator. It works by placing your egg in the center and you turn it on so the egg can start spinning. This can help make fun and different designs. This takes the egg decorating experience to the next level.  

Once the eggs are decorated, there has to be an epic egg hunt. Whenever I think about egg hunts I am reminded of an episode of one of my favorite shows, “Gilmore Girls”, where a character Kirk is left in charge of hiding the real eggs for the annual easter egg hunt in Stars Hollow. Many of the eggs were not found in the hunt, making the town smell of rotting eggs. It always gives me a good laugh. A good lesson to always make a map for the hidden eggs! An egg hunt is a great way to get some energy out and let the competitive kids have their fun. My favorite eggs to find were the ones that contained cash, lots of cash.   

Easter brunch is another fabulous way to celebrate Easter with loved ones. Not only is there amazing food, but everyone always seems to dress up in their Sunday best. My favorite is getting to see all the little kids in their adorable Easter outfits. The suits and the dresses are always so fancy! Easter brunch is when the family shows up and has undivided time together. 

Nothing screams Easter more than the Easter Bunny. My grandpa used to dress up as the easter bunny for my Uncle’s work events and I always got to tag along. It was fun to see all the children flock to him when he would come and take photos. Although it is kind of creepy to have an old man dressed as a bunny, I always loved the tradition of being his helper.  Elizabeth Mclaughlin has a love for Easter brunch, “Easter brunch with the fam and occasionally still coloring eggs.”

My last tradition that should be highlighted is getting to eat all my candy. It may seem silly, but there is nothing quite like being alone and getting to munch on the best seasonal candies. Traditionally, I do this at night after all the gatherings. 

Easter traditions are such a beautiful thing. I cannot wait to celebrate this Sunday!

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