Welcome all to the competition of the century, where we decide which Fairfield University Instagram account is the best and why!!! Yeah… no… we’re not going to do that. However, there are many different Instagram accounts on campus, and sometimes they sadly go unfollowed. So, I’m here to show you that there’s more to add to your following list other than @fairfieldu and @fairfieldbarstool.

  1. The Career Center: @fairfielducareers

I might be a bit of a biased source by listing this at number one because I used to run it, but it’s really a fantastic resource! Most of what you’re doing at college is getting yourself all career-ready, so what’s a better resource than the Career Center? Especially given the tough job market that the seniors are heading into, much of their content has shifted to posts like “How to Kickstart your Career in Uncertain Times” and “How to Stand Out in a Video Interview.” During the school year, they also provide some wonderful field trips to hiring companies and workshops on LinkedIn, Excel and other important platforms. If you want to keep track of when some of these things are happening, they’re a great account to follow!

  1. The Library: @fairfieldulib

This is another great account that just doesn’t have enough followers! They post some great content about things happening at the library, as well as some vintage archival footage of what life at Fairfield U looked like 50 years ago. This is an especially important account to follow during finals weeks. You can find out more about the new library hours, when the special late-night coffee and hot chocolate delivery will be and so much more! 

  1. The Colleges!

No matter what college you’re a part of on campus, there’s an Instagram account for you to follow. You can follow the Dolan School of Business account (@fairfielddolan) for more information on the Startup Showcase, job opportunities or anything else business school related. If your part of the College of Arts and Sciences, give @casfairfield a quick follow. They post helpful career tips and updates on what alumni are up to, and are just a great account for anything CAS related. Then there’s @fairfieldengineering for the School of Engineering, where you can learn more about events and network opportunities for students. Now, the Egan School of Nursing doesn’t have its own account, but the best place to find updates on nursing activities is @fairfield_sna. They are the Student Nurses Association at Fairfield and they put on many wonderful activities and events for nursing students during the year, thus making them another great account to add to the list. 

  1. FUSA: @fusa47

If you truly want to know what’s happening around campus, this is a better account to follow than Fairfield University’s main account. This is the account for the Fairfield University Student Association. They post updates on some of the biggest events at Fairfield, including the Presidential Ball, Red Sea Madness and Clam Jam. Not only that, but in their bio you’ll find the link to post any questions or concerns you may have in an anonymous Google form. This is a great account to follow!

  1. Us!: @fairfieldmirror

Last, but certainly not least… The Fairfield Mirror has an Instagram account! We love to keep all of our readers updated on the newest content, some behind the scenes pictures and we also occasionally post puzzles on our Instagram story where you can win prizes! We always welcome new followers and our account is a great way to stay updated on what we’re doing! 


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