I walk down a narrow path

filled with a dark sense

when I hear the babbling brook laugh

but it’s choking and tense.

I feel sharp eyes on my back

that make me spin around

to see all that I lack

in one abrupt bound.

The water is reflective

to see something so in-depth

and shows how perceptive

nature can be when it measures one breath.


The silver mirror melts away to reveal

something I could never see before;

it’s too frighteningly real

hidden at the depth of my core.

She is beautiful

to the root of her bones

but she had been trapped inside a crucible

that was all she had ever known.

“Is this the person behind my eyes?”

“This has been you all along.”

“Why are my eyes the color of the sky?”

“Your heart is finally open after so long.”


Watching it begin again with someone new,

my happiness has been rejuvenated

because I have finally been given the chance to choose

and my future is… illuminated.

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