There once was a noble anti-hero, whose name was the Nightman. He had cometh through the night to defeat the Dayman once but was tragically slain by virtue of circumstance. Some say this may be as a result of his failure to pay the troll toll. Others believe it was the ultimate outcome of his prolonged transgressions with the Dayman over his less than savory character. What we do know, however, is that the Nightman meant us no harm. All he ever wanted was balance in the universe, yet the Dayman sought to vanquish him for his imperfect character. These two polar opposites never truly saw eye-to-eye, unfortunately, as they differed on every imaginable facet of life. 

One day, however, the Nightman overcame the Dayman’s trickery and found solace in knowing that he didn’t have to be perfect. He didn’t have to live up to societal norms imposed upon him by the tyrannical Dayman, for he realized that the dayman was actually a figment of his imagination. A figment he had constructed for himself because he longed to be challenged in a world he found to be distinctly lacking in any real tests. Ultimately, the real villain of the story, the Nightman eventually found, was himself. His potential had been relentlessly suppressed by the Dayman, so much so that his own imagination led to his eventual demise. Alas, he was no more.


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