Sunlight comes pouring in the window, gently washing over my tired face. The salty air tickles my nostrils as it wafts by and the gentle waves try to rock me back to sleep, but it’s not enough. I’m too excited, my life is finally complete. At long last I have reached the pinnacle of life, nothing will ever match this moment. Praise the Lord the day has come, no more being stuck in one place day after day with the same routine, no more noisy neighbors, no more tedious backyard barbeques with Steve, that schmuck who never gave back my lawnmower. Well screw you Steve, jokes on you, I don’t need it anymore you stuck-up suburban square. Now I’m free of that godforsaken pit of a town, free to roam the world and all it beholds, for I am the proud owner of my very own…..drum roll please….. Houseboat!  The perfect vehicle and home for the guy who thinks he’s too good for an RV, but still wants that get up and go attitude it comes with.  It may be leaking, it may be stinking, but at least it’s not sinking.

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