The craziness of an urban city bombarded its residents with constant changes.  Not problems necessarily, nor propositions. Just changes.  


Everything was going. The people. The cars. The bikes, trains, and buses. It all just went. And when stuff wasn’t going, it was still overpowering. The towering skyscrapers, massive billboards and flashing lights created a world where if you were not busy, you were overwhelmed with options on how to be busy.  


The whole world is not like this though. Landscapes such as empty deserts and undisturbed woodlands peacefully existed without the disruption of human industrialization. Somewhere in between these two extremes, there were the scarcely populated farmlands, underdeveloped villages and every other type of place imaginable, both human-occupied and not.  


For every serene waterfall and undisturbed meadow, there was a mephitic junkyard and a fuel-sucking factory. Similarly, while shiny sports-cars cruised throughout mansion-occupied streets, malicious, ill-natured predators lurked through swampy mud-lands in the desolate wilderness.


Over time, both man and nature had brought many wonders and horrors to planet earth. And while human knowledge had progressed to an age and level of unimaginable excellence, much of the planet still remained an absolute mystery.  


“Hey, Izzy, what do you think goes on down there?

“I don’t know Jill, it’s probably just space rock or something.”

“It looks a little more colorful though, right?”

“Eh, maybe.  Just a reflection off Mars or something, I’d guess.” 

“Yeah, probably.”

“Keep driving.  If we don’t get back to our galaxy before supper, boss is gonna be livid”

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