So I made myself new

As what all worshippers do

Caught in an awkward place

As all teenage boys do


My new self is to be pure

To be wary of things

That worshippers find wrong



All is wrong

This world, their lessons

Even this piece I am writing

How maddening it is!


How can a world be pure

Be free of things they find wrong

When all you watch

Is where things go wrong


You watch these people

With their problems and panic

Yet you make me sick

With every problem not manic


Explain how that man

So cold and dirty

That needs your help

Doesn’t deserve it


Give me an answer

And don’t try to avoid it

You made me obedient

Yet not so complicit


You make me ashamed

While one case it is so

But make everything wrong

And there is nothing pure at all.

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