From the warmth and certainty of a true home,
Into a new world of uncertainty and blank pages.
From friendships hard fought for, and the peace of a second family,
Into a flurry of names and faces that refused to align.
I came in hopes of finding meaning and connection once again.


Through small joys onto greater ones,
Through hardship and confusion,
Through new discoveries of self and the world surrounding,
Through the knowledge that it all would end,
I came to find a way to live in and to love this new home.


Nothing about it was ever simple,
But, nothing about it was ever boring, either.
It was hard, but it was real.
It hurt, but in so many different small ways, it became worth it.
And the life I lived here, taught me more than I thought I could ever know.


Many lessons taught to me were bitter to the taste,
But the bitterness has taught me how to appreciate the sweetness of the rest.
Much of my time was spent fighting for the cause, fighting till exhaustion,
But the fights led eventually to peace.
So, I learned to be a soldier fighting for something more than myself, and learned to accept that.
I do not want to go,
But, what is the want of one person compared to the incessancy of time.
I may not want to walk the path that I stand before,
But I will walk its length fully and live well as I travel along it,
If only to spite the world that has put me upon it.

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