Some carve a stone, some leave a wreath,
some light a candle, and some shed tears at the sight of a plaque for those beneath.
But, when I fall to reveries of the sound of her voice, or the curve of her face
it is back and forth along the shore of a raging sea that I pace.

Deep below its tranquil blue lies the remains of the smile I knew,
and, as I reflect upon the sand, I’m thankful at least that my regrets are few.
For the life that I lived with her by my side was joyous and full
and even the sea’s current couldn’t break these memories as they did her small boat’s hull.

But her boat sailed away that day
after I had bid her goodbye in the lover’s way.
She never knew that the sweetness of my kiss
was tainted with the knowing smile of the one who took the piece her boat would miss.

So, as I walk my path along the beach,
I think of all of my riches gained from her fortunes, each,
while I wonder if, somewhere up above,
she’s gazing down at me with innocent looks of love.

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