What’s the latest craze, my friend?

Sometimes it seems like it’ll never end.

It just goes on and on,

And I don’t know what to do.


Oh what will it be today, my friend?

Come on tell me what’s the latest trend.

A brand new diet,

Or a government scandal.


But I can’t see through the clouds,

I can’t see what’s really going on,

The candle’s finally going out,

And I feel afraid that tomorrow will be,

Be another foggy day


Tell me, my good friend,

When will the people finally bend?

Is it too much to take,

Or are the fads just made for us?


Don’t lie to me, my friend.

I don’t know how long I can pretend.

I can’t stay up to date

With these seasonal emotions.


But I can’t see through these storms,

It’s like they never will fade.

With no land on the horizon

I’m afraid that tomorrow will be,

Be another foggy day


Another foggy day with no light shining in,

Another cloud another craze with no hope of an end.

I can’t fight any more when I can’t see the sky,

I can hardly move without the fear of falling.

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