It’s two words that I know

Deep down in my heart

But for the sake of this poem

I won’t say them at all


I’ve said these words about a thousand times

Probably meant it, and probably not

Can’t really remember what I said them for

Maybe out of sarcasm or possibly more


I’m quite a busy person

But that doesn’t mean I don’t help

I take the time to do something

But people will probably walk past

Without saying those words


Other times, people will do so

They’ve got the time to say it

So when they say them to me

It makes my time worthwhile


My home is riddled with words

Some are bad, and some are good

But the words that I know

Are said in a different tongue than yours.


Some days I’m tired

And I won’t say them at all

And other days I’m tired

And it’s the only words I know at all


Every day it’s the same

The people who say something

And those who don’t at all

But I’ve got quite the time

To say those words myself

       \  /

         \ o /

        _ | _

       | |

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