Calling all fashion lovers! I can’t help but want to purchase all of the outfits I see on the “popular page” on Instagram, in addition to the profiles I scroll past. I don’t know about you, but Instagram gives me the inspiration to stay fashionable with the most up to date and glamorous options. Here are some clothing items I’ve seen on many Instagram accounts that you should purchase for your closet ASAP: 


Two-Tone Jeans or “Yin Yang Jeans”

Two-tone jeans or “yin yang jeans” make a normal pair of jeans extra stylish. If you are looking to purchase a pair, these jeans can be bought from stores such as Pacsun and Revice. Also, as seen on Tik Tok, many have been trying to make their own pair of “yin yang jeans” using bleach.  


Tie-Dye Matching Sets: 

Tie-dye matching sets seem to be worn like crazy! These sets are available in a variety of bright colors such as pink, blue and purple, and are ideal for keeping you cozy. Similar to tie-dye, acid wash is another well-liked option. 



While you may think blazers are only meant to be worn in the professional world, a blazer can make any outfit more classy and cool. A blazer can make a simple pair of jeans go a long way.   


Band T-Shirts: 

If you are a music lover, a t-shirt representing your favorite band is a perfect purchase for you. From The Beatles to Kiss and the Rolling Stones, these t-shirts come in a variety of options and will make you want to listen to some of your favorite tunes. Wearing these tee shirts oversized with a pair of biker shorts, another popular Insta trend, will make you look chic. 


Midi Skirts: 

Whether it is spring, summer, winter or fall, many people are seen wearing midi skirts. The midi-length skirt is a perfect change from a typical mini or maxi skirt. These are a super hot item coming in a variety of options such as animal print, satin or simple, solid colors. 


Bermuda Shorts: 

Who would’ve thought bermuda shorts would come back in style? These shorts seen all over Instagram have been popular during spring break trips and are ideal for warmer weather. They come in all different washes, and some are even being sold with rips in them!


These are just some of the trends I’ve spotted on Instagram in the past few weeks. Instagram also has a “shop” tab to easily purchase outfits you adore!

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