The second installment of the Divergent series, “Insurgent,” came out in theaters this past weekend and picks up the storyline from where the first movie left off. It is even more action -packed than its predecessor.

The first movie had to set up the storyline for the post-apocalyptic setting and introduce the culture and characters of the series. Its sequel, however, really takes the story of Tris and her survival in this overly strict society to the next level.

It is easy to see that the new director, Robert Schwentke, focused more on the storyline instead of the setting in this exciting second installment since the groundwork had been laid by his predecessor.

The series in itself is based on a book trilogy of the same name and is supposed to be mainly written for teenage readers. However, the concept of these books allowed the filmmakers to create a movie that any demographic would find entertaining.

For anyone who is interested in seeing these movies but is unsure what they are about, I would say that they are a combination of elements present in “The Hunger Games” and “Inception.”

There is an apocalyptic world where they use dream simulations to determine what “faction” a person belongs to. This means that there is a good amount of special effects action, as well as live action scenes.

So far, the first movie has the lead character, Tris, leaving her faction of servitude to take the aptitude test to determine which faction her personality fits with best.

While being tested, it is learned that she does not actually belong to any kind of faction and that she is “divergent.”

This ruins the faction system so she is hunted by Janine, a member of the council that governs the society.

Janine is trying to purify the faction system because she knows that these divergent beings are hiding within the factions and are a threat to the way that the society works.

The second movie plays into the idea that Janine wants to purify the factions. She has a weapon that can show everyone that divergence is a disease that needs to be wiped out.

The only problem with her weapon? She needs a divergent being to use it on.

Tris now has to save other divergents from not only execution, but from being used as Janine’s weapon.

The movie was far more interesting than the first one and although it can seem cliche at time, the overall storyline and great use of special effects made this movie something worth seeing.

For those who have read the series, you know that there is only one more book left, but do not fret.

Like every other movie series that has spawned from a book series, the last book is going to be split into two more movies.

Hopefully, the next movie will be greater than the one before it, just like the second movie was a significant improvement from the original.

If the director can pull that off, then the next movie is going to be epic.

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