One of the most incredible journeys you can begin when studying abroad is partaking in an internship. This experience not only enhances your academic learning but offers so much more, as it allows you to connect with a foreign culture that you would never be able to achieve when sitting in a classroom. My time with IPR London at Ukraine Fashion Week granted me the extraordinary opportunity to submerge myself in a world I have always dreamt of.

When I first arrived, I had the privilege of stepping backstage, where I was able to have the unique opportunity to observe models as they tried on a variety of outfits, and were receiving professional hair and makeup styling in preparation for the show. It was such an inspiring experience, especially as this was my first-day interning, and I was able to witness all of the anticipation and excitement that went on before the show. 

A few hours before the start of the show, I had the opportunity to meet with the IPR team. During this meeting, everyone was assigned their respective responsibilities to make sure the show ran smoothly and effectively. I was extremely fascinated to be able to listen to the discussions and absorb insights into the diverse responsibilities held by a public relations agency to enhance the utmost success for high-end occasions. 

I had the responsibility of welcoming and guiding guests to their designated areas. It was a fascinating experience to be able to observe the wide array of outfits chosen by the guests of the show, as each individual had a unique outfit that expressed their individuality and personality. 

The most amazing part of this experience was the fact all interns and members of the team were able to stand together and watch the show once it began. Differentiating itself from the typical fashion shows, this particular event held a distinctive purpose—extending an incredible show of support to Ukraine Fashion during a period of deep challenge for the people of  Ukraine. 

The show supported Ukrainian fashion brands such as KSENIASCHNAIDER, ELENAREVA and Nadya Dzyak while they introduced their Spring Summer 2024 collections at London Fashion Week. This support, when unleashed during the show, revealed an immeasurable amount of beauty, as so much love filled the entire room.

This show had a large impact on me in which I came to a realization that fashion is so much more than how we dress and express ourselves as individuals. Fashion is a way of bringing all individuals together, no matter where everyone is from, in times of need. As the Ukrainian Flag was worn while walking down the stage by designers, the beauty of this convergence was something I had never been able to see before. Between cheering and clapping, it felt so rewarding to be a part of the success of something with such an admirable cause. 

Despite the diverse appearances and styles of those in attendance, whether as spectators, participants or behind the scenes, all individuals at the show shared the common purpose, to offer unwavering support to Ukraine during its most challenging times. 

The opportunity to intern for a company that plays a pivotal role in supporting and facilitating events like these is something I wouldn’t have the chance to experience if I were still studying in the U.S. at the moment. I am filled with gratitude for this remarkable experience, and I am excited for future opportunities and learning experiences that I have yet to experience this semester. 

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