I am the invisible band member.

I joined in 2015—

That September.

You hear my bells,

You see me every game day.

Those who attend the sporting event

Are able to witness my presence.

Yet the second the camera appears,

I vanish.

I dissipate into thin air.

Nowhere to be seen.

I am the invisible band member.

You won’t find me in the visual records of any gig.

Even at meetings

For planning something big,

I am not there—

They walk past me

To gather at the top of the bleachers.

“We forgot. Sorry, our mistake.”


If I counted how many times they say that,

A world record they would surely break.

It’s quite ironic—

Their reply.

Because there is no way you can miss a motorized wheelchair.

Perhaps they are waiting for my defeated goodbye.

That is one thing they’ll never get.

For I am the invisible band member.

I’m here to stay,

But there’s a catch.

My invisibility is not to remain.

I’ll keep fighting for what is right

Even if they think I am a pain.

Not one word of this will I ever regret


Just like everyone else,

I’m a part of this band, too—


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