Power of Love – I Fight Dragons

Forget the song, the reason this band caught my eye was due to the band’s name alone. This song was originally recorded by Huey Lewis and was made famous by its feature in the movie “Back to the Future.”  The band takes this song and incorporates a mix of alternative rock with tiny doses of techno riffs throughout.  Their sound is similar to a mix of Fall Out Boy and The Lumineers.  The song has a definite pop appeal to it and sticks to basic guitar riffs; that being said, it is both catchy and upbeat, making it very hard to get out of your head. I Fight Dragons takes this classic and updates it for the 21st century.

Wondering – Does It Offend You, Yeah?

The artist’s name is a good gauge for the kind of experience you’re getting into. The lyrics are abrasive and delivered quickly.  Accompanying this assault on the ears is a mean bass line that permeates the whole song.  It can be overwhelming when first listening to it with the only break being the haunting hook, which repeats the title of the song in a distant female voice.  If you enjoy Flux Pavilion and Doctor P, then this song is right up your alley.

Islands – The XX

This song has the detached air that almost all The XX’s songs have become famous for. The limited range of singing and guitar are laid back so that the song brings you into a trance.  The whole song has a melancholy feel as it chronicles a relationship that slowly falls apart through the overly attached nature of a couple.  Accompanied with the music video, this song communicates its message clearly. I recommend this band if you like Purity Ring or Strange Talk.

How You Like Me Now – The Heavy

This is one of those songs that you always hear, but never know exactly what song you are hearing or who the artist is; now, you know both. The Heavy is a band that has a definite sound. This can be mostly attributed to the singer Kelvin Swaby. His voice has a scratchy feel that is so close to James Brown’s breakthrough sound that the two voices are nearly indistinguishable. This song also employs a strong brass section to back up Swaby’s strong vocals and add to the old school feel of the song. This song puts a new twist on a classic style.

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