After this review, all I expect is that most of the girls here on campus are going to be in a rage and the bros will also be confused as to why I am not a fan of the new single by Ke$ha.

“Die Young” is yet again another song telling everyone to go out, party like there is no tomorrow, make sure you do not regret a thing, and if you are in a relationship, you should not be at a party with Ke$ha because she will make you regret that decision. This song, like all other Ke$ha songs, has an extremely catchy tune and a good beat, making this song infectious.

Yet, Ke$ha proves yet again that all she can do is talk, not sing, in a five note range. It sounds like almost every other Ke$ha hit that has been played on the radio for the past four years. I can’t say that one should not congratulate her efforts on this song and the fact that she tries to get people to go out, have fun, be young and get wild, but for some reason, as soon as I started playing the song, my boyfriend looked at me and said “Please put the headphones on.”

The very beginning of the song sounded like the hit from Flo-Rida “Good Feeling,” which proved that there was very little creativity going into the song. The entire time, it sounded like a DJ was trying their hardest to sound like Avicii or even Swedish House Mafia, but all they could accomplish was hitting some buttons that made a decent beat.

Overall, Ke$ha’s new hit went through my ears and out of my mind. The single is just a waste of talent, and these producers should be producing an artist who can actually sing, not just sing-talk and hit a good five notes.

I’m not ashamed to say this song is a must have at parties, especially for townhouse-sing-alongs while everyone is on top of the couches and tables—myself chiming in a few “lovely” and simple lyrics.

But I would still rather be listening to someone who does have talent—not just someone promoting partying and wild lifestyle.

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