After moving locations only a few buildings down the street, KL & Sam still proves to be the perfect nook to browse and shop. The small market can now be found sitting at 1552 Post Road, where shelves are fully stocked with comforting decorations for your dorm, jewelry or any other upcoming Christmas gifts you may find yourself looking for very soon.

Upon first entrance through the door, your eyes land on an aesthetically pleasing setup filled with pillows of soothing colors, faux potted plants, ceramic statues and soft lighting fixtures. Most decor gives the illusion of a “boho” feel as minimalist items such as glazed pottery, glossy lamps and bedside trays match in the calming shades of blue and tan. 

Towards the back of the shop, a fake bedroom displays show customers the potential area they could have for themselves, as KL & Sam provides a creative custom bedding and bed frame service with your choice of fabric available upon request. With this, you are given a variety of prints to pick from in a dense book laid gently on the in-store bed. 

Other than general decorative items, there are various, specific additions for those who currently live in apartment setups such as kitchen and outdoor options. Beautiful, white ceramic plates, bowls, pitchers, mugs and other dishware accessories sit atop a wooden shelf. Below are thick doormats to wipe off any outdoor residue before entering your house.

The most festive products, however, can be found in the corner near the front door. Staple decorations such as sleigh bells, ornaments, reindeer and polar bear statues, mini Christmas trees and garlands are heavily stocked. Although, the most notable additions prove to be the tin of holiday wrapping paper, stockings and seasonal candles. 

As for potential Christmas gifts for family members, friends or secret Santa games, those can be found all throughout the shop. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry of all tones are displayed gently and of reasonable price. There are also different-sized boxes of puzzles, which will probably be my go-to present as they were all minimal and festive designs.

Hidden in the rear section is a selection of colorful Cashmere scarves and different types of hats to dress appropriately for the quickly dropping temperatures. To the side, is a rack of coats of varying warmth, design and color for the season change as well. Finally, the shelves against the back wall reveal rows upon rows of classy long sleeves, cardigans, jackets and dresses. A pole of hanging purses to the side proves to be the needed accessory to join the look as well.

I couldn’t leave the shop empty-handed after seeing all of the enticing options, so I decided to purchase a small, faux desk plant as I have a small obsession with greenery. While most decorations such as this end up being a decent price, I did end up paying $16 for the wooden pot, with the vine topping coming to an additional $8 to complete the plant look, which honestly shocked me as that wasn’t included on the sticker. 

I ended up getting it anyway because I thought it wouldn’t look complete without the topping. I also couldn’t help but think the cost should match the quality of the product, so I believed it should last a while. My suggestion is that before you check out, ask for a price check since the sticker may end up being different than the actual outcome, but don’t let this deter you from buying something. 

Nevertheless, I will definitely return for seasonal decorations to match the holiday spirit in my campus apartment, and I suggest you do the same. You’ll undoubtedly use it for years to come and you will be able to bask in the magic of Christmas in return!

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